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Mindhunter Season 2 Trailer: The BSU Is Getting Bigger, Interviewing Charles Manson

History. Pattern. Profile. 

These are the steps which the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit follow when unraveling the dark and dangerous minds of the most notorious serial killers in America, finding out just what made them commit their unthinkable crimes. The process is only going to get more intense as time goes on and the BSU team gets closer to even more infamous murderers — and the newest trailer for Mindhunter season 2 teases exactly that.

The footage, which Netflix dropped on Monday, sees the BSU expanding with a new member played by Fringe alum Michael Cerveris, who wants to add even more employees and resources to the unit. His main goal is to make the BSU's approach "practice," and in his endeavor, he also makes some big promises — including telling Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) that he can secure an interview with Charles Manson. 

While the BSU is growing bigger, killings in America are on the rise. Holden, who's continuing to question himself after experiencing a breakdown at the end of season 1 when killer Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton) got too close to him, and his BSU partners Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) and psychologist Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) begin investigating the Atlanta Child Murders, a grisly string of killings in which at least 28 children, teens, and adults were murdered between 1979 and 1981. The Mindhunter season 2 trailer hints that Ford may be as motivated by seeking justice for the victims as he is by the $100,000 reward promised to anyone who helps identify the perpetrator of the horrifying acts. 

An expanding BSU and a massive murder mystery aren't the only things Holden, Bill, and Wendy will deal with on the upcoming season of Mindhunter. They're also readying themselves to profile Charles Manson, portrayed by Damon Herriman, who actually played the infamous cult leader in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. To undercut all the creepiness, Ed jokes in the new trailer that Holden and Bill should be mindful of making any comments on Manson's appearance: "Manson is small. Like, really small. Try not to stare."

The new trailer for Mindhunter season 2 does a keen job setting up the story — raised stakes, a bigger team, some new kids on the block, Holden's arrogance and tunnel vision that's affecting his work in an increasingly negative way — and piquing interest in the dark terrors ahead. Mindhunter fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second season, which will come almost two years after the freshman season hit Netflix in October 2017. If this footage promises anything, it's that the wait will have been well worth it. 

Mindhunter season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix starting on August 16.