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Hugh Jackman Once Played Superman - But It Got Really Awkward

Hugh Jackman is one of a small handful of actors who's undeniably synonymous with the Marvel Universe. He has been the actor behind Wolverine for well over 20 years, standing as the longtime figurehead of the 20th Century Fox "X-Men" franchise. Now, he's on his way back to the part for the highly-anticipated "Deadpool & Wolverine," which will serve as his long-overdue Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. However, what many may not know, is that Jackman has technically entered the DC Universe before, playing none other than Superman. Ultimately, though, things got a bit awkward once he did so.


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As posted by @huggyattack on TikTok, back in 2001, Jackman hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live," where he and the main cast put together and starred in a variety of comedy sketches. One of them sees Jackman play the Man of Steel, who enters the Fortress of Solitude to seek the truth of his identity. There, he encounters the spirits of his family, where they all engage in uncomfortable small talk, as if they called him on the phone with nothing substantial to chat about. The clunkiness of it makes it somewhat funny, but it's far from one of the best "SNL" skits of all time.

Though this sketch is pretty unmemorable, it must've been at least a bit special for Jackman, who has made no bones about his longtime love for Superman.

Jackman's love for Superman dates back to his childhood

All in all, the "SNL" Hugh Jackman Superman sketch leaves a lot to be desired, but it at least gives DC fans an idea of what the actor could look like as the Man of Tomorrow. Sure, the costume isn't of the highest quality, and his spit-curl hair is a tad extreme. At the same time, with a better costume and look, Jackman could be a great Superman. He has the physical frame, the experience working on comic book adaptations, and is an incredibly likable yet tough presence on-screen, which are immensely important qualities for any take on the main version of the character. Not to mention, Jackman is a massive fan.

During a chat with Variety in 2022, Jackman discussed several different topics, including his taste in superhero movies. While one might expect him to have kind words for Marvel, his mind immediately went to DC. "My favorite superhero movie? Growing up, the first 'Superman.' That was a game-changer. Dick Donner movie, Christopher Reeve," he said, giving credit to the 1978 feature that many still regard as the gold-standard of Superman adaptations. Jackman went on to shout-out director Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" as well.

Though it stands to reason he would've done a great job in the role, it's highly unlikely Hugh Jackman will get the chance to play Superman at this point. Of course, with James Gunn confirming that DC Elseworlds stories are coming to DC Studios, perhaps he could get his time to shine in the red and blue after all. On second thought ... we doubt Jackman wants to get ripped for yet another superhero role, even it was the Man of Steel.