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Marvel Teases Thanos' New Infinity Gauntlet Plan - And It Is Dark (EXCLUSIVE)

Thanos is on a mission to reacquire the Infinity Stones and use the powerful gems to control reality itself. However, getting the stones isn't as simple as finding them and putting them into his Infinity Gauntlet, as they've merged with new bearers, meaning the Mad Titan will need to take out the living Infinity Stones in order to get what he wants. In "Thanos Annual" #1 (by Derek Landy, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and VC's Cory Petit), the titular villain's hunt begins.

Thanos conquered the Marvel Universe in the classic "Infinity Gauntlet" storyline and has used the cosmic weapons several times to shape reality to his own desires. But in the modern "Infinity Wars" crossover, Adam Warlock grants the stones sentience, leading to them scattering across the galaxy and finding hosts — similar to Venom's symbiote. The Reality Stone merges with the antihero/villain Star, the Time Stone combines with Overtime, the Power Stone is swallowed by the Prince of Power, the Space Stone merges with Quantum, and the Soul Stone ends up with the synthetic Multitude. As for the Mind Stone, its current whereabouts are unknown; however, future solicits tease a powerful being known as "Worldmind" bonding with the stone.

Making matters more difficult for those attempting to stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones is the creation of the Death Stone. After chasing the elusive seventh Infinity Stone and trying to find its roots, in the most recent "Thanos" miniseries, the supervillain distills Death herself into a new seventh Infinity Stone, the same one Thor sees used in his dark future visions of his death from the Black Winter, where Thanos leads an undead army with a fully loaded gauntlet — including the Death Stone. That horrifying reality appears inevitable.

Thanos Annual begins the Mad Titan's Infinity Stone search

In Looper's exclusive preview of "Thanos Annual" #1, by Marvel Comics, the story opens with a quick recap of Thanos' troubling life — from being born and viewed as a monster due to his alien-like appearance, to his teenage years when he pursued arts and science before committing his first (double) murder, to his efforts to win the affection and love of Death herself with the Infinity Gauntlet. After getting spurned by Death and trapping her inside the Death Stone, the newest Infinity Stone, he begins his quest to pair it alongside the other gems. 

In fitting fashion, Looper's first look at "Thanos Annual" #1 sees Thanos arrive to a conquered world torn asunder by the supervillain. The Mad Titan appears to be using the Death Stone to cause the destruction around him — but as he tries to kill with the Death Stone, it doesn't bend to his demands. Thanos openly questions if Death's hatred of him is causing the issues but soon concludes he needs the full strength of the Infinity Stones to fulfill his unrequited love's true purpose. 

Check out the preview pages below, teasing a very violent adventure for Thanos and the living embodiments of the Infinity Stones.

Thanos' darkest mission soon begins

The one-shot features Thanos both using and trying to figure out the Death Stone as he unlocks the truth about the Infinity Stones' current place in the universe, setting the stage for their return in future stories. Additional annuals revealing more about the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones are "Amazing Spider-Man," "Immortal Thor," "Ms. Marvel," "Wolverine," "Incredible Hulk," "Moon Knight," "Spider-Boy," and "Avengers" — with all issues being part of the "Infinity Watch" crossover throughout the summer.

Check out Salvador Larocca and Guru-eFX's cover art for "Thanos Annual" #1, featuring Thanos striking a menacing pose while the living Infinity Stones can be seen behind him. The text solicit for the issue follows.

"Welcome to INFINITY WATCH! The Annual Event of 2024 starts here as Thanos, after the events of his series, goes off to find the INFINITY STONES! He's in for a shock when he discovers that the Infinity Stones have been incorporated into actual people like STAR, QUANTUM, OVERTIME, PRINCE OF POWER and MULTITUDE! But wait, there are six Infinity Stones but only five people listed?! You don't want to miss this Marvel Universe-shaking saga!"

Thanos' attempts to gain the six Infinity Stones and place them next to the Death Stone officially begin when "Thanos Annual" #1 arrives at comic book stores and online retailers on June 26, 2024.