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Ant-Man's Secret MCU Costume Detail That Only Hardcore Marvel Fans Noticed

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" is full of small details you might have missed, ranging from comic book Easter eggs to sneaky cameos from beloved actors to meta references to Marvel lore. However, one of the sneakier ones pertains to the titular heroes' costumes, which was spotted thanks to eagle-eyed Marvel fans on Reddit.

According to one Reddit user, the costumes worn by Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly's Wasp boast the insect heads their characters are named after. The emblems are visible on the chest areas of their respective costumes, but they're very subtle and easy to miss at first glance. However, the Redditor provided an accompanying photo with the relevant parts colored in to illustrate the insect heads more clearly.

Marvel movies are loaded with great Easter eggs, so one could be forgiven for assuming this one was intentional. However, that wasn't the case, as the insect emblems on Ant-Man and Wasp's costumes were a happy accident.

The insect details on Ant-Man and the Wasp's costumes weren't intentional

Now that we've seen the hidden insect heads on Ant-Man and Wasp's costumes, it's difficult to unsee them. However, the film's chief costume designer, Louise Frogley, has gone on record saying it wasn't a conscious decision to include these sneaky details on the superheroes' outfits.

"We were trying to be Easter egg free. I wish I'd thought of that. I'm very sorry," Frogley told Refinery29. According to the costume designer, her team's main goal was to create suits that were easy for the actors and stunt people to move around in. They also wanted the costumes to be slightly different from the characters' previous get-ups, as that's a subtle way of showing the heroes have progressed between movies.

It seems that the additional insect-themed imagery was at the back of the costume makers' minds while designing the suits for "Ant-Man and the Wasp," but that doesn't mean it isn't there. After all, the Reddit post provides plenty of substantial evidence to support the claim — and you have to admit that it adds an extra element of fun to the discourse.

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