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Usagi Yojimbo Joins The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers For A Huge Crossover - EXCLUSIVE

Two iconic franchises will collide for the first time in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Usagi Yojimbo" #1, a new one-shot comic book from BOOM! Studios.

Debuting in the 1990s, "Power Rangers" remains incredibly relevant and popular, with several movies, television shows, and comic stories taking place in the action-packed world of superhero teenagers. The current "Darkest Hour" event at BOOM! Studios brings the latest long-running series to a close this summer, with what's coming next for the new era of the Power Rangers expected to be announced later this year, likely at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Meanwhile, original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson, Matt Hotson, and Nico Leon just wrapped up "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return" miniseries. Up next, the Power Rangers go back in time in the iconic comic world of "Usagi Yojimbo" as the heroes encounter Rabbit Ronin in one of their most exciting and unexpected crossovers yet.

Following a fight with Rita Repulsa, the Power Rangers will be sent back to the Edo era of Japan in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Usagi Yojimbo" #1 (by Ryan Parrott, Shawn Daley, and James Fenner). In the timeline, they battle to return to their future. Legendary "Usagi Yojimbo" creator Stan Sakai expressed enthusiasm about the one-shot. "I'm really excited with Usagi's crossover with the Power Rangers," Sakai told Looper. "This is the first time Usagi has teamed up with real superheroes (that do not have shells)! It's a great story with fantastic art!"

The new crossover will be insanely fun

Ryan Parrott, who has written several stories in the "Power Rangers" franchise, including the mainline title, calls the crossover with "Usagi Yojimbo" unexpected, but one that will be incredibly fun that fans of both franchises will enjoy.

"I think one of the most exciting elements of comics is the unexpected crossover, so when BOOM! Studios asked me if I was interested in pairing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Usagi Yojimbo, I didn't hesitate," Parrott said. "I've been a fan of Stan Sakai's work and the epic story he's been telling my whole life, so it was a true honor to get to step into that world and play with those characters. Plus, the moment I saw Shawn Daley's artwork, I knew this had the potential to be an insanely fun, one-of-a-kind ride that hopefully both Ranger and Samurai fans will enjoy."

Looper has the first look at several covers for "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Usagi Yojimbo" #1. Cover art featuring the Rabbit Ronin and the Power Rangers team comes from Stan Sakai and Emi Fujii in the legendary artists' trademark style. Additionally, stunning variants from Jared Cullum, Goni Montes (as part of his ongoing helmet series), and Takeshi Miyazawa will also be released on the one-shot.

The exciting crossover begins later this year

Throughout the entire "Power Rangers" timeline, the franchise has crossed over with several other properties in recent years, including the DC Universe, Godzilla, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Artist Shawn Daley said getting the chance to draw the combination of the Rangers and the world of "Usagi Yojimbo" hit him hard as a lifelong fan of both franchises. He said pairing them together works surprisingly well. "Some characters feel destined to cross paths, and I hadn't realized how much I needed this team-up until I was asked to help bring it to life," Daley told Looper. He added, "draw. I also got to use my original Power Rangers figures for reference material – an artist's dream come true!"

Check out the main cover art for "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Usagi Yojimbo" #1 by Taurin Clarke, followed by the one-shot's text solicitation.

During a routine Rita Repulsa attack, the Rangers' morphers do something unexpected...by hurling them back to the Edo era of Japan! Upon arriving at their historic destination, the mysterious Ogasawara begs the Rangers for their help. But the enemy they face isn't what they were expecting...and our band of heroes will have to face a painful revelation if they want to save the day and return home.

Readers can officially see the Power Rangers and Usagi Yojimbo crossover when "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Usagi Yojimbo" #1 from BOOM! Studios arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on September 25, 2024.