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Anthony Mackie's Grossest Fan Encounter Might Make You Feel Queasy

Anthony Mackie is no stranger to being vocal about disgust. Consider the Marvel star's "feud" with his mortal enemy, Tom Holland, someone he always takes the opportunity to poke fun at. This time, however, the actor is calling out one of his fans for their disgusting behavior. While appearing at a Hollywood Reporter roundtable with some of his contemporaries, Mackie recalled how a woman at a bar, whom he believed had "special needs," was acting strangely. He continued, "So I tell the bartender, 'Yo, tell her to come over and say hello.' She makes her way around the bar and everybody in the restaurant's like, 'He's so nice.' So she's like, 'Can we take a picture?'" The Falcon actor agreed, only on the condition that the woman act discreet. Spoiler alert: She did not act discreet.

"So I take the picture, she looks at it and she pukes from here all the way down to my shoes. This is after two dozen oysters ..." Mackie exclaimed. Gross! This is definitely a detail that fans probably don't want to know about Mackie. Fans who now encounter him should be aware that their oysters and liquor should be under control before asking for a photo. Unsurprisingly, the fan who puked on Mackie was embarrassed. 

After the fan ran out of the restaurant, a waiter pulled Mackie aside and hosed him down at the oyster wash-off. "They take my clothes. He goes across the street to T.J. Maxx and gets me some sweatpants and a graffiti T-shirt," the "Pain & Gain" star said, before revealing that his woes didn't end there. 

Anthony Mackie's fan encounter gets even crazier

Anthony Mackie just couldn't catch a break. Once he was decked out in new clothes, another woman approached him and asked if he would take a picture with her. This new woman was associated with the previous, oyster-puking fan. Mackie explained, "I asked the [other] woman, 'Yo, I was just trying to be nice to your special needs friend.' She was like, 'Special needs? That's my boss.'" Yikes. 

This extremely gross fan encounter happened in Vancouver while production was underway on "Altered Carbon" Season 2, which debuted in 2020 on Netflix. While the "Night Before" star's experience with the fan wasn't exactly creepy like some other celebrity fan requests, it definitely must suck that his evening was ruined by someone who couldn't control their liquor, appetite, or excitement. Though some actors can coast by and go unrecognized in public, Mackie is the face of one of the biggest properties in the entire world. 

Since his debut as the Falcon in 2014's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," he has headlined several films in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2021, Mackie officially took over the mantle of Captain America from actor Chris Evans. Now, the superstar is on track to appear as the hero in the upcoming "Captain America 4," for which two key Marvel characters may not return.