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The Boys: One Reveal Takes Season 4's Most Explicit Scene To A-Hole New Level

The most disturbing scenes on "The Boys" always push the boundaries of good taste when they're not making viewers keel over in laughter. From gore to deviant sexual scenes, "The Boys" always finds ways to push beyond what it's accomplished before, and Season 4 is already off to a good start. Now, showrunner Eric Kripke is pulling back the veil on a hilarious moment from Season 4, Episode 1 — "Department of Dirty Tricks."

The season premiere sees Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) question his loyalty to Hughie (Jack Quaid) and almost give up integral files he has on Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) to the vice president-elect. We see Neuman get a message from Butcher on her phone and open it up, believing it to be the files ... only for it to be a close-up of someone's butthole. Kripke posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the owner of said orifice will remain a mystery: "The butthole from ['The Boys'] Season 4, Ep 1 is NOT Butcher's (or Karl's). We hired a model (I don't know his name). I chose the pic, based on about 20 different butthole shots. Yep, Hollywood is a glamorous dream factory."

What makes it even better is that Doumit's reaction is genuine. Kripke responded to someone else's X post, "This was Claudia's real reaction at seeing the picture for the first time. All authentic." And thanks to X now allowing pornography on the platform, that scene can be uploaded without fear of being taken down.

The butthole scene is just the beginning of shocking moments from The Boys Season 4

Reactions to "The Boys" Season 4 suggest the show's getting repetitive, but there's no doubt that continuing to show off graphic content still gets people talking. Season 4 opens strong with the butthole moment, as well as some downright prescient content where a blonde figurehead for American conservatives goes on trial. And that's just a taste of what's to come, as Eric Kripke has spoken with The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect going forward this season.

He stated, "I think every episode has at least one totally f***ing bananas moment." It's safe to say Victoria Neuman's moment on her phone satisfies that criteria for Episode 1, and Kripke teases there's more to come. "I love the ones in Episode 5," he continued. "Episode 6 makes me cover my mouth with my hands every time I watch it; so, I think there's lots of good stuff going on." Some of the small details for "The Boys" Season 4 trailer point to what these bonkers moments could be, such as barnyard animals flying and going berserk. Sex and violence, occasionally within the same moment, are simply part of the series' fabric, and audiences wouldn't have it any other way.

On X, many seem to think Neuman's reaction to Butcher's message is hilarious, especially knowing Claudia Doumit was actually trying to keep it together. As for the person behind the picture, maybe they'll view this as their big break and try to tell everyone they know about how they're technically on "The Boys."