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The Boys Stars You Probably Didn't Know Are Together In Real Life

"The Boys" is a show that's not particularly conductive to romance. Pretty much every loving relationship in the Amazon Prime Video superhero series seems to end badly or, at the very least, face serious hurdles on a regular basis. On the other hand, the show does seem like it's incredibly fun to make, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that the cast has fun together ... especially two very particular cast members. As it turns out, Jack Quaid — who plays the Boys member Hughie Campbell on the show — and Claudia Doumit — who plays Victoria Neuman, a politician who's secretly a head-exploding Supe — are a real-life couple. Campbell has been a part of the show from the beginning, while Doumit was cast for "The Boys" Season 2, and has been a major player ever since. 

Though they're evidently not the kind of couple that underlines their relationship with a barrage of romantic social media posts and interviews, the pair haven't exactly been hiding that they're close, either. In April 2023, Doumit posted a birthday message to Quaid on her Instagram, with a number of images that showed them goofing around. The next year, Quaid returned the favor with his own Instagram birthday greeting that showed them messing around on the red carpet. 

In a February interview with People, Quaid also addressed the couple's Valentine's day plans. "I got some plans with my girlfriend that'll be fun," he said. "We're going to go to Disneyland, which'll be great."

Is The Boys stealthily bringing Quaid and Doumit's characters together once again?

"The Boys" Season 4 reactions have called out the show for becoming repetitive, but could the complicated history between Claudia Doumit's Neuman and Jack Quaid's Hughie step in to save the day? The two are staunch allies throughout "The Boys" Season 2, but in Season 3, Episode 1, Hughie finds out in a rather gruesome fashion that Neuman is secretly the mysterious assassin who's been exploding heads left and right. This quite naturally leads to a falling out between the two, at least as far as Hughie is concerned. 

In "The Boys" Season 4, Episode 1, "Department of Dirty Tricks," the pair once again meet face to face when the Boys carry out a mission at a campaign event. Despite their opposing alignments and and Hughie being on a mission to sabotage her as they speak, Neuman admits that she still thinks quite warmly of him, and that the only reason she didn't come clean with him about her powers is that she was afraid of losing him. 

Though the meeting ends in a less than peaceful way, it reveals that Neuman still cares for Hughie and prefers a truce between the two factions even after he attempts to kill her. Could this early-season scene indicate that "The Boys" intends to use Doumit and Quaid's obvious real-life chemistry by giving them more scenes together? Granted, Neuman seems to think of Hughie as something of a brother instead of a romantic prospect — but still, it might not be a bad move from the show to give the two "The Boys" Season 4 cast members a chance to explore their characters' complex relationship.