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The Boys Season 4 Cut One Wild, Unscripted Kiss - But We Might Still See It

"The Boys" is back with Season 4, and the erratic and often violent interactions between Supes and those who would like to take them down are as bloody and explicit as ever. Eric Kripke's anti-superhero show rarely shies away from making clear that this universe's default moral setting is chaotic. As such, a wise viewer goes in with the expectation that nearly anything can happen to almost anyone. However, the makers of "The Boys" haven't shown the fans every wild moment they've filmed quite yet ... at least, until they release a blooper reel. 

In an interview with Variety, Kripke revealed that they have several outtakes of "The Boys" Season 4, Episode 2's wildly inaccurate A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) biopic where Will Ferrell plays the benevolent coach ... including one where A-Train and Ferrell's Coach Brink share a passionate kiss. "We have a lot of ad-libbing between [Ferrell] and Jessie that we have to put in bloopers," Kripke said. "There's so much! At one point they deeply kiss — there's a lot going on in those outtakes."

It's no secret that Will Ferrell is a comedy genius, so it's intriguing to know that he and Usher filmed plenty of extra footage in their scenes. Hopefully, Kripke's vision about releasing the kiss and other assorted fun moments between the two will one day become reality. Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character might be setting up a disappointing twist, cameo appearances from stars like Ferrell and Episode 1's hilarious Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo from Tilda Swinton — who voices Ambrosius the octopus — "The Boys" Season 4 has plenty of intriguing supporting characters to keep viewers entertained.

Will Ferrell's The Boys cameo was surprisingly challenging

Considering how small Will Ferrell's role on "The Boys" is, fans might assume that filming it was a breeze. This is technically correct — but only when it comes to the weather, and with a hefty side order of icy rain. 

"It was miserable shooting conditions," Eric Kripke said in the Variety interview. "It was freezing rain sideways. They were outside all day. I felt so bad. This poor guy, he's saying yes to a favor, and then he's in sub-Arctic conditions. But he could not have been like sweeter or more gracious or kinder to the crew." 

Though filming conditions were extremely nasty, Ferrell — and Jessie T. Usher, for that matter, got the job done. It's a testament to their character and dedication to the craft that they not only managed to film what they set out to do, but also were able to ad-lib and goof around so much that Kripke is actually enthusiastic for the viewers to one day see the end result.