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Terrifer 3: Art The Clown's Deadpool & Wolverine 'Reveal' Creates A Big Question

"Deadpool & Wolverine" is loaded with outrageous cameo rumors, ranging from Jennifer Garner reprising Elektra to Henry Cavill playing a Wolverine variant. Unfortunately, Art the Clown won't be joining them, as the "Terrifier 3" X (formerly known as Twitter) account has confirmed the villain isn't part of this summer's big event movie.

Of course, this is probably a good idea, as the evil clown might upstage Deadpool and Wolverine in their own movie. Art is magic, and that would give him the advantage in a fight. Still, a feud between Art and Marvel's strange bedfellows pairing would certainly be entertaining — and gory. By not doing business together, Marvel and the "Terrifier" filmmakers have robbed fans of a twisted cinematic showdown for the ages.

Whether Art the Clown ever mixes it up with Deadpool and Wolverine remains to be seen. However, there are many fans out there who would love to see it happen in "Deadpool 3."

Fans want to see Art the Clown in Deadpool & Wolverine

The idea of a modern-day horror icon colliding with two of Marvel's most popular heroes is intriguing, so some fans were upset to learn that Art the Clown will be absent from "Deadpool & Wolverine." "This one actually makes me sad. Art is a perfect fit for this film," comedian Tim Mathis wrote on X. This view was echoed by @MarcusMccoy98, who said, "Damnit, I was really hoping for an Art the Clown and Deadpool standoff!"

Meanwhile, horror filmmakers and Marvel Comics writers The Soska Sisters seem less interested in seeing "Deadpool 3" knowing that Art won't be there. "Now I'm conflicted if I'm going to see it in the [theaters]." On the flip side, some fans think the "Terrifier 3" post is all an act to make Art's "Deadpool & Wolverine" cameo even more effective. "Oddly enough ... this is the only one of these I've seen where my reaction was "sure ... we'll see," filmmaker Dillon Garland added. 

The release date, cast, and plot for "Terrifier 3" have already been revealed, while some "Deadpool & Wolverine" surprises appear to be in the works. Sadly, Art might not be one of them — unless his cameo being kept under wraps.