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The Sexy Reality Series Dominating Netflix Top 10 Charts Is A Dating Super-Show

Netflix clearly knows that the best way to captivate the audience's attention during the warm summer months is an even hotter reality show. The first six episodes of "Perfect Match" Season 2 arrived on the platform on June 7, and the hard launch has been a resounding success that's propelled the dating series to the top spot of Netflix's Top 10 TV shows. 

"Perfect Match" is a good name for a series that seems to be specifically crafted to be the ultimate dating show. The contestants are all reality veterans from Netflix shows that range from the devastating "Squid Game: The Challenge" and "The Mole" to various reality dating shows, like "Dated & Related" and "Love Is Blind." The setting is appropriately tropical, and the action combines some of the finest reality show traditions, from crazy competitions to rampant matchmaking, downtime drama, plotting, and eliminations. It's almost like Netflix tried to create the perfect storm — and based on the way it has dominated the Top 10, the streaming service just might have succeeded on this mission.

Perfect Match Season 1 was also a Netflix hit

"Perfect Match" Season 2 isn't the first time the streamer has managed to hit a home run within the genre. Apart from the many reality shows the contestants come from, Netflix has dipped its toes into more untested reality waters with some success as well. For instance, "Unlocked: A Jail Experiment" — a reality series set in a real prison — blew up after it dropped on Netflix in April.

Of course, the success of the new season might not be such a huge surprise if you're already familiar with "Perfect Match." The show's Season 1 was also a Netflix smash hit and was the streaming network's second-most-viewed show during its first week. Time and possible future seasons will tell whether "Perfect Match" can establish itself as one of the best reality shows of all time, but it certainly has started out strong. Besides, it's worth noting that Season 1 dropped on February 14, 2023, so "Perfect Match" has now proven that its scantily clad compatibility challenges have the potential for notable success during hot and cold times alike.