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AI Cast An Avengers Movie In The 1970s & The Results Are Perfect

What if the Avengers franchise had a time machine? Cinema changed when "Iron Man" debuted in 2008, launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An interconnected series of sub-franchises, the concept has spawned several imitators. The Avengers films are the MCU's greatest achievements, bringing together characters from all corners of the universe. These films defined the 2010s, but what if they started off in the '70s? Facebook user Alternate Reality Movies has shared several character posters imagining what our favorite Marvel characters would look like if they were cast in the New Hollywood era. 

The ever-iconic Burt Reynolds stars at the billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark. With his signature moustache and daunting looks, the charismatic Reynolds would be a great choice for Iron Man, who boasts a traditional Stark Industries suit. "The Last of Sheila" scene stealer Raquel Welch steps into Black Widow's shoes, in what's arguably a perfect piece of casting. 

Alan Alda has been tapped to star as Hawkeye, replacing Jeremy Renner. Interestingly, this version of Hawkeye wears the character's original purple comic book suit. Unlike Renner's take, who sports a muted black-ish suit most of the time, this is what the Avenger should look like. Most of the costumes on display are in line with the source material, blending them with low-budget '70s aesthetics. Vincent Price's Doctor Strange suit is mesmerizing, intricately stitched with gold threading that makes it pop far more than Benedict Cumberbatch's version. 

The '70s Avengers concept is all sorts of perfect

Overall, this '70s concept is filled with great casting and design choices, making us genuinely wish that we got to see the MCU blossom in a different era. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made his cinematic debut as the Roman hero Hercules, notably stands outs as a brilliant (but obvious) choice for Thor, wearing the character's traditional helmet. 

Funnily enough, Schwarzenegger was passed on the role for the Incredible Hulk, a gig that went to Lou Ferrigno — who plays the part in this '70s Avengers concept. Meanwhile, Thor's devious brother Loki is played by Alan Rickman, which is an equally inspired choice. Charlton Heston, best known for his various epics, is cast as Odin. A fascinating casting choice is Bill Murray as Ant-Man. Murray plays a character in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," so this pick is especially exciting.

One decision that can't be ignored is Sidney Poitier as Black Panther. A trailblazer for African-American actors, one can only imagine the gravitas and nuance that the superstar would have brought to T'Challa. And seeing as Poitier only accepted roles if they met certain conditions, we'd like to think he would have wanted to play the King of Wakanda. Another affecting casting pick is screen icon Ann-Margret, who steps into the shoes of Scarlet Witch. With her charm, Ann-Margret would absolutely chew up scenes as Wanda, giving Elizabeth Olsen a run for her money.