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Tom Holland's Biggest Spider-Man Fear Is Totally Gross

There's something undeniably awesome about a Spider-Man costume. The web lines, large eyes, and blend of colors leap off of a Marvel Comics page. Naturally, most Spidey suits have carried this sensation over to live-action. Tobey Maguire's suits went traditional with their color palettes while packing in loads of finer details. The first for Andrew Garfield went experimental, while his second went back to basics. Tom Holland's webhead attire has changed several times over — his newest Marvel Cinematic Universe suit being more important than you might think — but no matter what, his biggest, grossest fear pertaining to it has endured.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor shared that he has a genuine fear of throwing up inside his Spider-Man costume. "If you were to throw up in the suit, you would effectively drown," he said, highlighting that the mask's skin-tight nature would make it impossible to breathe if one were to vomit within it. He recalled filming the movie he and Zendaya love to rewatch, "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and having water drip over his face while he had the mask on, leading to quite a scare. Holland explained, "The more and more water that dropped onto my head, the more and more water that pooled up in the front of the mask. So, I was kind of waterboarding myself."

Adding to the gross factor, filming for long hours inside a Spider-Man suit could've easily led to some bathroom mishaps.

Bathroom accidents are a real threat in the Spider-Man suit too

Though Spider-Man costumes are aesthetically fascinating, they're not the most practical. Sure, they're skin tight to avoid movement restrictions and the mask can be pulled off easily enough to avoid drowning in water or vomit, but it's still a bodysuit. That means getting in and out of it is a hassle, and on a film set, time is money. Especially for an MCU production, there's not a lot of time to mess around, hence why Tom Holland had to go out of his way to ask for more bathroom breaks on the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" set. Well, technically, a family member did it for him.

"I was young, so I wanted to impress the studio, I didn't want them to think that I needed breaks," Holland said on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," noting that he endured 11 hour workdays in the Spidey suit. He mentioned to his mother over the phone that going to the bathroom wasn't an opportunity that came frequently, prompting her to take action on her son's behalf. Holland shared, "The producer came up to me and was like, 'How are your kidneys?' I was like, 'My kidneys are fine ... why are you asking?' He's like, 'Well, your mom called us and ...' My mom called up the biggest studio in the world and was like, 'GIVE MY SON TOILET BREAKS!'"

A lot can go wrong in a Spider-Man suit regarding the release of bodily fluids. Thankfully, Holland has managed to avoid disaster on all fronts so far.

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