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Sam Asghari Is Banned From Doing One Thing On The Traitors Season 3

Sam Asghari is set to compete on the third season of the wildly popular Peacock reality series "The Traitors," but there's one big rule he has to follow during his time on the show: he can't discuss his ex-wife Britney Spears.

The model, actor, and trainer, who was married to Spears from 2022 to 2023, apparently isn't allowed to talk about their relationship or marriage at all while he faces off against other public figures and reality stars on Season 3 of "The Traitors," according to a report in TMZ. "Sam's pretty much got a gag order when it comes to Britney — he's not allowed to say anything negative, or even positive, about her," a source told TMZ, and the outlet added that the same sources said "it's clear Britney doesn't want a peep out of Sam about her, period."

The couple initially got engaged back in 2021 and were married in June of 2022, but by July 2023, news broke that they were splitting due to irreconciliable differences. Asghari and Spears settled their divorce on May 1, and in December of this year, the divorce will legally go into effect. Since the two aren't legally divorced, it makes sense that Spears, according to TMZ's sources, doesn't want Asghari to discuss her on "The Traitors." (TMZ also notes that Asghari spoke kindly to them about Spears' memoir "The Woman in Me," which released last fall.)

Who's joining Sam Asghari on Season 3 of The Traitors?

Sam Asghari may not even have time to consider his marriage to Britney Spears while competing on the third season of "The Traitors," to be honest ... as he'll be facing off against a whole host of reality TV weirdos, legendary pot-stirrers, and even a member of the British monarchy. Though the first season of the show — which was adapted from the Dutch series "De Verraders" and came to Peacock after the UK version of "The Traitors" became exceedingly popular shortly beforehand — the show mixed "normal" people in with reality TV stars and minor celebrities, which felt a bit uneven (and gave "Survivor" veteran Cirie Fields the opportunity to run away with the game). In Season 2, the series, led by host Alan Cumming, decided to only feature reality TV stars and minor celebrities ... and it worked far better.

Season 3 is set to feature Asghari alongside a murderer's row of troublemakers and fierce competitors, including Bob the Drag Queen ("RuPaul's Drag Race"), Dorinda Medley ("The Real Housewives of New York City"), professional wrestler Nikki Garcia, a handful of "Survivor" veterans — "Boston Rob" Mariano, Carolyn Wiger, Tony Vlachos, and Jeremy Collins — and Chrishell Stause ("Selling Sunset.") (Yes, there is also a British royal — Lord Ivar Mountbatten, specifically.) Perhaps the most controversial pick, however, is Tom Sandoval, the man whose affair created the portmanteau "Scandoval" and whose disastrous New York Times interview is still ringing in our ears. With this group, Asghari's got his work cut out for him; Spears probably won't be front of mind.

Wait — how does The Traitors work again?

Hanging out in a remote Scottish castle with that group of people feels daunting enough, but everyone who competes on "The Traitors" also has to play a game — and it's not an easy one. Essentially, the game is a large-scale version of the children's game "Mafia;" once everyone is assembled within the castle, Alan Cumming — who spends every moment of the show deliciously chewing the scenery and really playing up his Scottish brogue — chooses a few "traitors," who will choose a different "faithful" to murder at the end of each evening. In order to win as a traitor, a player must simply ... make it to the end of the game without getting ousted at the daily "round table," where everyone votes to "banish" a traitor. A faithful can also win by making it to the end, but there's a twist: if any traitors remain by the time the game is over, they take the entire prize pot for themselves, and the faithfuls get absolutely nothing. (The prize pot is collected throughout the season, with the final amount based on how much the players earn in different, increasingly silly challenges.)

Both previous seasons of "The Traitors" have seen players betray their "allies" without hesitation or shame to win that prize pot. In Season 1, Cirie Fields, a traitor, took home the entire prize pot by simply tricking a few faithfuls; in Season 2, "The Challenge" vets Trishelle Cannatella and CT Tamburello cruelly ousted fellow faithful Mercedes "MJ" Javid ("Shahs of Sunset") so they wouldn't have to share the money with her. Season 3 will bring a whole new set of backstabbers into the mix ... but we'll have to wait until 2025 to see how it pans out.