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Hit Man's Wild Sex Scenes Were Sticky But Not 'Icky' Thanks To ... Pinterest?

The way Hollywood goes about sex scenes has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially given all the stories of actors who later regretted their love scenes. That doesn't mean things can't still get steamy, but it's important for filmmakers and actors to be more careful about how they go about such sequences. Apparently, the Netflix film "Hit Man" found a unique way to enhance the chemistry between Gary (Glen Powell) and Madison (Adria Arjona).

To flesh out the bond between Gary and Madison, Arjona suggested setting up a Pinterest board so they could share images during the scriptwriting process to get a feel for each other's sensibilities. She told Variety, "It was interesting to see both of our perspectives, hone in and start molding it from that sense. It sparked conversations that you wouldn't normally have, because we were in the process of creating it."

Having chemistry between two film leads is vital, but Powell mentioned how sex scenes can feel "icky" if they exist only to titillate. A key to overcoming this involved having creative intimacy, such as one scene inspired by Pinterest where the two pour wine all over each other. Arjona continued, "We're butt naked pouring wine all over each other. Then we finish, like 'Goodnight Glen,' 'Goodnight Adria,' and we're sticky and covered in this wine." It may have been uncomfortable, but Powell concluded it all came together in the end: "You know what, the shot's worth it. Pinterest really saved this movie."

The Hit Man actors got a rash filming one intimate scene

All that communication and preparation paid off in more ways than one, as "Hit Man" is a smash hit. Looper's "Hit Man" review gave it a perfect 10/10 score, with particular attention going toward the well-crafted sex scenes. While plenty of audience members certainly don't mind seeing attractive people like Glen Powell and Adria Arjona getting it on, there were some hiccups during the filmmaking process. 

During a bathtub scene between Powell and Arjona, Dawn dish soap somehow got added to the mixture, with the issue being that soaking for an extended period of time in that concoction led to both of them getting rashes. As Arjona told the "Just for Variety" podcast, they had to continue filming the rest of the sex scenes after the fact. "We were both in so much pain," she added. "We would just die laughing, 'How much makeup do you have on your ass right now?' I was like, 'So much, it's not even funny.'"

While there are plenty of hot-and-heavy sex scenes in "Hit Man," it's all for the greater goal of developing Gary's character. "In this movie, those scenes are crucial in the changing and seizing of identity," Powell explained. "You have to see a guy who sees the world in such a binary, stale place checking logic at the door and becoming a whole new person." The ending of "Hit Man" may not necessarily set up a sequel, but audiences can rewatch the movie again and again if they ever get the urge to see Powell and Arjona's electric chemistry.