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The Strongest Version Of Hulk Is Too Dangerous & Way Too Scary For The MCU

Across different forms of media, the Incredible Hulk has taken on a few different forms. There have been several versions of Hulk across television and movies, in addition to numerous variations within the Marvel Comics universe. While most incarnations of the Jade Giant follow a pretty standard framework (he's green, angry, generally a do-gooder, etc.), there are some out there that deviate from the status quo. One in particular not only charts a unique course but becomes far more dangerous and terrifying than all others. In fact, it's not hard to argue that the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn't contain him.

The Immortal Hulk, aka the Hulk of Earth-TRN781, is rivaled by no other version of the Green Goliath. Controlled by the evil cosmic being called The One Below All," this Hulk grows in power and eventually lays waste to his entire universe. He even devours such beings as Franklin Richards — one of the strongest Marvel heroes not in the MCU – Galactus, and Eternity. To put it lightly, this take on Hulk is way too powerful for the MCU. Not to mention, "Immortal Hulk" is a story full of extreme body horror that, while suitable for this evil, unhinged take on the character, could be just too unsettling for the multimedia franchise.

Additionally, given the current trajectory of Hulk's (Mark Ruffalo) MCU story, it would take quite a bit of legwork to make an "Immortal Hulk" adaptation happen.

The MCU's Hulk would need an overhaul to make Immortal Hulk happen

The Incredible Hulk has been a staple of the MCU since the start, but to say he hasn't reached his fullest potential would be an understatement. He initially serves as the unpredictable heavy of the Avengers and resembles something akin to his Marvel Comics counterpart. He smashes and bashes his way through enemies as Bruce Banner tries to come to grips with his past and alter-ego. This takes him to Sakaar where Hulk takes the wheel from Banner to become a successful gladiator. Of course, on his way back to Earth, he's beaten mercilessly by Thanos (Josh Brolin), remaining hidden inside Banner until the two merge.

As of this writing, Hulk's latest MCU appearance came on the Disney+ series "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law." He's in control of his anger and it's revealed that he has a son named Skaar (Wil Deusner), who almost had a much better look for his live-action debut. Thus, it appears Hulk's days as a destructive rampaging beast are far behind him. He has found inner-peace and is focused on being a jolly green dad. That's nowhere near Immortal Hulk territory, so if the minds at Marvel Studios want to adapt that version properly, some serious creative overhauling or Multiverse shenanigans are necessary. Seeing as he's already over a decade into his MCU tenure, and that Immortal Hulk is just too powerful and frightening for the franchise, it's best not to hold your breath over such a move.

"Immortal Hulk" is a fascinating take on the Hulk mythos and one of the strongest Marvel Comics tales period. It's just too bad that a big-screen adaptation is so out of reach for more reasons than one.