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Van Helsing Unleashes Bloody Season 4 Trailer At SDCC 2019

When Van Helsing comes back, it'll be bloodier than ever. 

SYFY's vampire-hunting series pulled the covers off a brand-new trailer for its upcoming fourth season at the network's San Diego Comic-Conpanel on Thursday, July 18. 

Many of the series' stars — including Vanessa Van Helsing actress Kelly Overton, Axel actor Jonathan Scarfe, Ivory actress Jennifer Cheon Garcia, Sam actor Christopher Heyerdahl, the Boss actor Neal McDonough, and Julius actor Aleks Paunovic — helped usher in the footage in the Indigo Ballroom to a crowd of eager, adoring fans. 

In a word, the Van Helsing season 4 trailer is thrilling, with edgy, enticing, brutal, and tense serving as apt synonyms. The series — which follows Abraham Van Helsing descendant Vanessa as she hunts down vampires and attempts to unravel their dark motivations in a post-apocalyptic world, and includes a lot of death, deviant behavior, and drama throughout — will introduce Tricia Helfer as Dracula on season 4, as well as Nicole Munoz as Jack and Keeya King as the Boss' daughter Violet. Jack and Violet are expected to butt heads more than a few times on the new season, Munoz and King teased during the panel. 

The trailer for the new batch of episodes promises that the story is going to be gutsy and gory — packed from opening theme to closing credits with explosions and monsters and battles galore. In the clip, shown above, Vanessa owns up to her mistakes, admits that her decisions have led her down a dark and dangerous path, and vows that she is going to make up for her wrongdoings and work toward salvation by turning vampires back into humans with her blood. We also see the mystery man whom Richard Harmon plays, as well as his daughter who appears to be harboring powers that could have a huge impact on the world around her and may shake up the mythos of Van Helsing as we know it. The Boss and the Dark One (a.k.a. Dracula) are in for headaches, Sam is going to engage in a gruesome battle in a cemetery, and Vanessa will use her determination to reach her end goals. She'll face difficulties (and blood — lots of it) along the way for sure, but it's nothing she isn't used to. 

Created by Neil LaBute and now overseen by new showrunner Jonathan Walker, Van Helsing has been a favorite amongst horror fans since it premiered on SYFY in July of 2016. It may not be everyone's cup of tea (there's only so much fake blood one can stomach, we know), but Van Helsing continues to prove itself as a SYFY staple and a damn good series. With its fourth season, the show is looking to outdo itself — and it just might succeed. 

Tune into Van Helsing season 4 on SYFY this fall.