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Exclusive Venom Preview Reveals Marvel's New Symbiote Zombies & They Look Foul

Marvel is well versed in the world of zombies, both on the page and on the small screen (as seen in "What If...? Marvel Zombies" and its upcoming spinoff), but an upcoming miniseries will show off a new kind of undead adventures in "Venom War: Zombiotes," and Looper has the exclusive first details and art from the project.

The upcoming three-issue miniseries from Cavan Scott ("Star Wars: The High Republic") and Juan José Ryp ("Immortal X-Men") spins out of the events of "Venom" writer Al Ewing's current run with the symbiote antihero. The comic features two different Venoms facing off with one another as a terrifying new kind of symbiote launches and touches down on Earth. While there is a wide array of bizarre symbiotes across the universe, the latest strain is set to transform the dead into horrifying monsters.

Scott told Looper that the symbiotes meets zombies miniseries will feature humor, action, and, of course, some undead madness. "I'm very excited to be working as part of the 'Venom War: Zombiotes' event, masterminded by our genius editor Jordan D. White and my old pal Al Ewing!" Scott told us about the upcoming comic. "And to be telling not just a zombie story but symbiote-flavoured zombie at that, brought viciously to life by the sensation that is artist Juan José Ryp! Think of 'Venom War: Zombiotes' as 'Shaun of the Dead' meets 'The Superior Foes of Spider-Man' with a little added 'She-Hulk!' Oh, and don't let anything bite you, not unless you're near the Bar with No Name!"

The horrifying Zombiote adventure begins this summer

In delightfully grotesque cover art from Juan Ferreyra ("Venom"), a zombie symbiote takes center stage in a deadly uprising, its sharp teeth and long tongue bursting from its grotesque mouth. Behind it, more zombie symbiotes rise, some of them more closely resembling Eddie Brock's Venom than others, but all of them nightmarish and pretty obviously undead. 

Check out Ferreyra's cover art for "Venom War: Zombiotes" #1, followed by the official description of the series' first issue, below.

As the two Venoms face off, a darker strain of symbiote has slithered across New York City...one that can reanimate the dead and turn the living into an engine of mindless hunger with just one bite! That's right – zombie symbiotes making symbiote zombies! And you thought they liked eating brains before!

The first of the three issues in the "Venom War: Zombiotes" miniseries arrives at comic book shops and online retailers on August 28, 2024. The comic should be a can't-miss read for those wanting to see what happens when a symbiote is pushed to its darkest limits.