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Netflix's Big Mouth Season 3 - What We Know So Far

An absurd and accurate take on adolescence, Big Mouth has emerged as one of Netflix's most audacious, hilarious, and resonant shows. After all, everyone goes through puberty, so everyone can relate to at least one of the tweens in this lewd, crude, and immensely empathetic animated series. There's Nick the late-bloomer (co-creator Nick Kroll), the incredibly anxious Andrew (John Mulaney), the body-positive Missy (Jenny Slate), and the precocious yet depressed Jessi (Jessi Klein). Most of the show's humor derives from the main characters' rich inner lives, as they deal with issues like divorce and changing identities. And even though there's a helpful Duke Ellington ghost (Jordan Peele) floating around, the kids still have to contend with aggressive, filthy-minded hormone monsters (Kroll and Maya Rudolph, respectively) — the physical manifestations and causes behind their bad decisions. The first two seasons of Big Mouth were met with acclaim from critics and fans alike, so naturally, a new season is on the way. Here's everything we know about season three so far.

When does season 3 of Big Mouth debut?

Appropriately enough, right after American students started a brand new school year, the entire second season of Big Mouth arrived on Netflix on October 5, 2018. Because animated shows have such a long lead time — it can take months to produce an episode, let alone an entire batch — networks and streamers have to approve and order another season well in advance of a target release date. That translates to early assurance for viewers that an animated show will be back... but also a long wait for those new installments. 

To little surprise, Netflix announced way back in November 17, 2018, that a third season of Big Mouth was on the way. Yeah, the announcement came only a few weeks after the release of season two, but writers and animators had to start working fast in order to get that new set of episodes on the air before the end of 2019. Specifically, they'll hit Netflix on October 4, 2019.

The Big Mouth season 3 teaser trailer

On November 17, 2018, just about six weeks after Netflix made season two of Big Mouth available for viewing, the streaming service gave a vote of confidence to the animated hit with a third season renewal. At the same time as that announcement, Big Mouth's Twitter account offered proof that another batch of episodes was already well into production by dropping a teaser trailer for the upcoming third season. The Netflix-approved video runs just 24 seconds but features clips of a whopping 21 scenes. Unfortunately for fans looking for hints about future plot and character developments, the rapidly-delivered teaser is heavy on the pre-existing footage from old episodes of the show. (Among the scenes, we've got Andrew and Nick preparing for their school's overnight lock-in, and Missy getting freaky with her Glow Worm doll.) When more of the third season has been written and fully animated — likely closer to the projected late 2019 release date — Netflix will undoubtedly debut a proper trailer.

How many episodes will be in Big Mouth season 3?

The second season of Big Mouth, which premiered on Netflix in October 2018, consisted of ten episodes. That's the same number of episodes in the first season of Big Mouth from back in 2017, so fans can be reasonably sure that a similar volume of new installments will make its way to the world's biggest streaming service later in 2019. However, Netflix wasn't going to make us wait that long for new Big Mouth content. The streaming service gave viewers a mid-hiatus treat in February 2019 with "My Furry Valentine," a Big Mouth special themed around a certain February holiday about love and romance (which is perfect for a show about the awkwardness of navigating that tricky terrain). The episode earned a whole lot of praise, but since it wasn't part of the official, second-season drop of episodes in late 2018, "My Furry Valentine" may count towards producers' third season episode order. If that's the case, then season three could run a relatively scant nine episodes.

Where did season two leave off, and where will season three of Big Mouth go?

The second season of Big Mouth wrapped up pretty definitively. It didn't leave any cliffhangers or nagging plot lines, but it did set up and point toward where the show will be heading in season three. At the end of season two, viewers witnessed an "expanded universe" of the hormone monsters, as Nick and Andrew crossed over into their realm — the bureaucratic and horrific Department of Puberty — to retrieve Jessi, trapped in the figurative, stifling embrace of depression in the form of the Depression Kitty (Jean Smart). Consumed by overwhelming emotions amid her parents' contentious divorce, Jessi escaped oblivion and agreed to go to therapy, which could be explored in season three. In more comical matters, Nick left behind his series of woefully inept hormone monsters (decrepit Ricky, annoying Tyler) and paired up with Connie, formerly Jessi's personal personification of adolescence. Perhaps this more assertive monster will finally kickstart his adolescence and allow him to catch up to his friends.

Maury will get his big moment in the spotlight

There's never been a TV character quite like Maury, the leering, phallus-obsessed hormone monster voiced by Nick Kroll. Serving as a lecherous, amoral big brother-meets-devil-on-the-shoulder for Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), Maury encourages his young charge to give in to his most base, primal, and uncivilized biological urges. Hey, that's the job of a hormone monster, after all. Over the course of the first two seasons of Big Mouth, Maury has been a supporting character, so broad and over the top that he seems to be most effective in small doses. That looks to change a bit in an upcoming episode. According to show songwriter Mark Rivers (Emmy-nominated for his first season song, "Totally Gay"), Maury will get a big musical number. "It's an aggressive, '80s heavy metal song, called 'Anything Goes in Florida,'" Rivers told IndieWire. "I was very happy to do that one." Rivers added there are more songs in season three than in season two, so viewers can expect more numbers like "Life is a F****d Up Mess," the demented season one showstopper.

Has Big Mouth been renewed beyond season three?

It would seem that poor Nick, Andrew, Missy, Jessi, Jay, and the other students at Bridgeton Middle School will be suffering the indignities and humiliations of puberty forever... or at least for years upon years. On July 26, 2019, Netflix renewed the most hilarious and foul show ever made about adolescence for an additional three seasons. The streamer additionally signed a long-time deal with Big Mouth production company Brutus Pink, meaning more shows like Big Mouth could be on the way.

Star and co-creator Nick Kroll broke the news on Twitter with a short video in which he delivered the reactions of four of his Big Mouth characters. "That's right baby, three more seasons of [profanely-worded activity redacted]," said Maurice the Hormone Monster. Coach Steve added, "And, y'know, hanging out, if ya wanna hang out, um, that's cool," while Lola said, "Three more seasons? If I don't get my own dressing room, I'm gonna f***ing freak out." Ancient, infirm hormone monster Ricky got the last word: "Yeah man, what you gonna do? You gotta do what you gotta do, baby."