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Chris Evans Embodies Captain America To Scold Himself After Swearing On Stage

As America's hero (and America's backside), Cap has a reputation to uphold. The guy who plays him, on the other hand, is a little more lax.

While up on stage at ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Captain America actor Chris Evans dropped an F-bomb. It's not unusual for a 38-year-old man to swear here and there (he's an adult and can do as he pleases despite his super-star status), but Evans was quick to reprimand himself for cursing in front of a huge audience who know and love him as Captain America. Mere milliseconds after the word left his lips, Evans realized what he had said, then embodied Captain America himself to give himself a bit of a scolding. 

In a video posted to Twitter, the actor is seen pulling his face back into a grimace, putting his free hand up as if to apologize for his indiscretion, and dropping his head in shame. Then, Evans uttered Captain America's iconic catchphrase as punishment to himself: "Language!"

Evans may have felt the need to scold himself for swearing, but the ACE Comic Con attendees who heard his colorful language had nothing but love for him, laughing and cheering through the whole ordeal. 

And it isn't difficult to see why they adore Evans. This moment, among countless others, proves just how much the actor invested into his character. Evans is just as much Steve Rogers as Steve Rogers is Evans — and him reprimanding himself with one of Cap's famous phrases is but one of many instances in which the two men, one real and one make-believe, have become one. 

With Captain America having hung up his hat and handed his shield to a new hero in Avengers: EndgameEvans' time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is seemingly over. His version of Cap will likely never appear on the silver screen again, but the memory of the character will undoubtedly live on. It certainly isn't leaving Evans' mind any time soon, as this video so plainly demonstrates.