Tom Holland Told His Far From Home Co-Stars About A Major Endgame Death Years In Advance

Marvel's resident spoiler-spiller has done it again. 

Spider-Man star Tom Holland recently revealed in an interview with Emmy-winning entertainment anchor Jake Hamilton that he spoiled Avengers: Endgame for two of his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars. Holland, who has infamously loose lips when it comes to Marvel movie secrets, admitted that he told Zendaya (who plays Michelle "MJ" Jones in the Holland-led Spider-Man movies) and Jacob Batalon (who portrays Ned) about Tony Stark's death in Endgame years before the film hit theaters. 

"He told me too early," Zendaya said. According to Batalon's memory, Holland dished up the devastating dirt about three years ago: "I feel like we talked about this way back in, like, 2016."

Spoiling such a huge moment in Avengers: Endgame is a major misstep by Marvel regulations, and the information undoubtedly hit Zendaya and Batalon square in their hearts, so surely Holland divulged the information in a sensitive way, no? Maybe in passing, or on accident, or with the preface that he just couldn't keep the secret inside because it was eating him alive, right?


Holland stated that he simply told Zendaya and Batalon, "Yo, what's up? Iron Man dies!" Though Holland's tone of voice made it sound like a joke, Zendaya recalled, "Honestly, that's probably exactly how it went."

The English actor maintained his belief that a bandaid-rip-style reveal is "the best way to hear" a spoiler as massive as Iron Man's death, since it allows the person time to process the information and prepare themselves to watch it happen on the big screen. 

"You think you want to experience that in the cinema for the first time? No!" he said.

Holland later mentioned that he had known "for a really long time" that Robert Downey Jr.'s beloved hero would die in Avengers: Endgame, and it seems that it was no use trying to stop himself from telling his pals. Zendaya quipped that whenever Holland learns sensitive intel, he has a difficult time buttoning his lips. If he finds something out, "we have to know," the actress laughed.

It shouldn't surprise you when we say that this has become something of a personality trait of Holland's. He has repeatedly spoiled long-awaited Marvel movies through various different means — like letting slip details about a scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming during a live Q&A session, spoiling his own death in Avengers: Infinity War for an entire theater full of fans who had yet to see the movie, "leaking" the title and logo for Spider-Man: Far From Home on social media, and "accidentally" revealing the first poster for Avengers: Infinity War during an Instagram livestream

Old habits die hard, and it looks like Holland may have a tough time shaking this particular practice.