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Bloopers That Make Us Love The Captain Marvel Cast Even More

Though they may have million-dollar paychecks, mansions around the world, and a team of expert makeup artists and stylists to paint their faces to perfection and outfit them with designer threads, actors really are just like us. They get stuck in traffic, spend entirely too long in the produce section of the grocery store, and, yes, even make mistakes on the job.

The shining stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are particularly prone to mess-ups — and the cast of Captain Marvel is hardly an exception. Despite seasoned actors and Oscar winners filling the superhero standalone's roster, lines were forgotten, blocking was totally bungled, and goofiness got the best of the stars more often than you might think.

A giggle-filled gag reel included on the digital release of Captain Marvel reveals the full scope of the on-set silliness. Prepare to fall in love with the Captain Marvel cast all over again with these endearing bloopers.

Directionally challenged

Brie Larson carried the weight of Captain Marvel on her shoulders, and spent months preparing to play the high-flying heroine as best as she possibly could. She devoted hours of her days to working out in the gym, stuck to a strict eating plan, and even visited the U.S. Air Force Academy for some up-close-and-personal priming. But when Larson acquired all that newfound strength and knowledge, she apparently lost an important basic skill. Multiple times during filming, Larson got mixed up on the direction she was supposed to go and what she was meant to do with her body.

In one outtake from the Starforce mission on Torfa, the actress forgets where to place the hand that isn't jutted out in front of her. "Er, er — where's my other hand supposed to go? I don't know!" Larson says through barred teeth, waving her hand around like mad.

Larson again gets directionally confused while filming a fight scene with Talos actor Ben Mendelsohn, who also could have used a helping hand in the blocking department. The two rehearsed their tussle one way, but when they got in front of the cameras, everything was backwards. "Other side! Get on the other side!" she tells Mendelsohn mid-brawl. "I know we rehearsed it this way, but it's this way now!" 

Later, Larson goes barreling down a hallway before realizing that she's running in the wrong direction. "I forgot I gotta go the other way!" she laughs.

The worst take ever

Rarely do actors get a scene perfect in one take. Their performance may be spot-on, but the lighting might be totally wonky. Maybe the set design is impeccable and the mood exactly right, but the line delivery isn't as seamless. Like we said before: no one in the movie industry is immune to mistakes. For the Captain Marvel crew, though, one scene didn't have just a single hiccup — it went wrong in almost every way imaginable.

The sequence in question is the one in which Brie Larson's Carol Danvers, Ben Mendelsohn's Talos, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, and Lashana Lynch's Maria Rambeau escape from the Kree warriors and the Starforce squad in pursuit of Mar-Vell's hidden laboratory that served as a refuge center for displaced Skrulls. On-screen, the scene was flawless, but one take turned hilariously disastrous.

The cat that Jackson holds — one of a few who played Carol's orange feline friend Goose — is seen clawing at his jacket and trying to wriggle free from his clutches. That pulls Jackson out of character, which triggers both Larson and Lynch to break their focus. To make matters worse, an apparent technical blip ends up dimming the entire set. The Goose cat meows, Jackson flops him on the floor, Lynch mouths "what is happening?!" and the cast quickly gives up on the scene altogether. 

"This is the worst take of anything that's ever happened!" says Larson as she and Lynch continue to giggle.

Kitten around

If you thought the blooper featuring a real cat playing Goose was rib-tickling, there are plenty of silly outtakes that find the cast interacting with a fake feline.

One take shows Samuel L. Jackson looking half-sad, half-bemused to find out he's shooting with a stand-in cat — especially since he keeps getting fur on his nose. In another, Lashana Lynch can't keep it together while Jackson holds a faux Goose and keeps talking to it as if it was the real deal.

Another blooper will split your sides when you watch it: Brie Larson's Carol throws a prop cat at Ben Mendelsohn's Talos, who is deathly afraid of Goose since the cuddly creature is actually a shapeshifting, pocket-dimension-holding alien known as a Flerken. When she tosses the kitty at Talos, he gasps, "Ahh, it's alive!" and refuses to catch it — which prompts Larson to laugh when the fake cat falls to the floor with a thud. As she giggles, Mendelsohn lets out an impassioned meooow!

S.H.I.E.L.D. power struggle

Though Nick Fury has always been Phil Coulson's superior, he's several rungs higher on the leadership ladder than the eager-to-please S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the year 1995, when Captain Marvel takes place. Fury's a bureaucrat and Coulson's "a bit of a new guy," but nevertheless, the two team up to find out what the heck is going on after Carol Danvers crash-lands on Earth, destroys a Blockbuster, and brings a pack of Skrulls trailing behind her. As they investigate Carol, patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, they're attacked by Skrulls. It's revealed that the Coulson sitting in the passenger seat of Fury's car isn't the S.H.I.E.L.D. rookie at all — he's really a Skrull who simmed into Coulson. The two fight for control of the steering wheel, with Fury ultimately winning when he deliberately crashes the car and kills the Skrull.

The scene was wild to watch and added another interesting layer to the Fury-Coulson dynamic (we can see why Fury is hesitant to warm up to Coulson after the alien encounter), but the process of filming it resulted in several hilarious bloopers.

Shooting the moment where their characters are wrestling with the steering wheel, Samuel L. Jackson twice hits Clark Gregg on the nose — entirely by accident. Though Gregg insists that it's all okay, Jackson fake-whines, "No, it's not!" The future S.H.I.E.L.D. director throws some verbal barbs at Coulson in Captain Marvel, but Jackson isn't in the business of literally smacking Gregg in the face.

Ben loves to bleat

Ben Mendelsohn's sprawling filmography and long list of accolades say one thing: the dude's a globally renowned actor who can shine in basically any role you put him in. You might assume that kind of dedication would make him a serious presence in real life. His antics behind the scenes tell a totally different story: he's a certified goofball who can't resist clowning around on set.

Mendelsohn revealed one of his weirder personality quirks while shooting Captain Marvel: he has a strange bias for bleating — loud and proud and uncannily like a sheep. The Captain Marvel blooper reel is littered with clips of Mendelsohn tilting his head up and letting out a full-hearted baaa while shooting. Sometimes, the Aussie sneaks one in between takes; other times, he lets a bleat rip right before a scene starts as a way to get himself in the zone. One such instance sees him loudly bleat, then tell a crew member, "Let's do it, you trippy camera freak!"

Hey, if he ever wants to retire from acting, Mendelsohn could have a career in animal impressions.

Dance break

Long days of shooting under bright lights can make actors go a little loopy from exhaustion, but the Captain Marvel cast had the perfect remedy to avoid burnout, perk themselves up, and create a fun-loving vibe on set.

The stars were time and again caught shimmying and shaking in the middle of filming — with various Skrull actors grooving alongside Brie Larson's stunt double like there was no tomorrow, Samuel L. Jackson sneaking in a little dance while he apparently thought no one was looking, Larson closing her eyes and moving her head to the beat of a song, Mar-Vell star Annette Bening pulling some shapes with her hands, and Monica Rambeau actress Akira Akbar swinging her arms in front of the camera.

The best dance break happens when Larson and Jackson are shooting a scene that takes place near the end of Captain Marvel, when Carol and Nick Fury are at Maria Rambeau's house. While the two are cleaning up in the kitchen, Carol hands Fury an upgraded pager and tells him to only reach out to her if there's an emergency. It's a sentimental moment, but Larson and Jackson couldn't stop themselves from bringing the mood to a sillier place during filming. One blooper shows the pair standing side by side and doing what Jackson calls "The Bump." Apparently, it's a dance move he taught her: "See — you remember something!" Jackson tells Larson while they bump hips and chuckle. 


We aren't privy to their medical histories, but judging by the Captain Marvel gag reel, it looks like both Brie Larson and Ben Mendelsohn might have a serious case of palmar hyperhidrosis — sweaty palms. Larson and Mendelsohn continuously dropped things during shooting, ruining takes but giving fans at home yet another reason to find the pair charming in a totally relatable kind of way.

The outtake reel finds clumsiness getting the best of Larson while filming the scene in which Carol Danvers retrieves the Tesseract from Mar-Vell's laboratory orbiting Earth. The glowing blue cube falls right out of her hands, and when it lands on the floor with a smack, Samuel L. Jackson jokes, "Aww, you broke it!"

Slippery fingers plagued Mendelsohn when he was trying to perform a cool trick with Talos' scepter. He can be seen tossing it up in the air ever-so-slightly, but having trouble grabbing hold of the darn thing when it comes back down. Each time he attempts the move, Mendelsohn fumbles and the staff falls to the ground.

It's not over until the Skrull man sings

After bleating repeatedly and dropping his prop over and over again on the Captain Marvel set, Ben Mendelsohn brought his silly streak to an end with a rousing rendition of the 1960s tune "Release Me" — apparently because he was worn-out from filming and just wanted to wrap for the day, peel off his facial prosthetics, scrub away all his green Skrull makeup, and relax in bed.

After he ends a take, Mendelsohn declares in a dramatic tone, "Thank you very much, goodnight!" When no one answers back, he starts singing the opening lines of the 1966 track popularized by Engelbert Humperdinck. "Please release me! Let me go," Mendelsohn cries out, extending his arm as if to plead for permission to leave set. This catches the attention of a crew member, who jokes off-screen, "No, nope, nope! Not happening."

Like all other days filming Captain Marvel, this round of shooting inevitably ended with Mendelsohn's wish finally being granted. We're just happy that on this particular day, he let his golden voice be heard.