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It: Chapter 2 Trailer Details You Missed

Ready to go back to Derry? The first trailer for It: Chapter Two has finally arrived, and it looks like writer-director Andy Muschietti might just pull it off again. The film picks up with the now-grown Losers Club members — well, most of them, anyway — being called back to their sinister hometown almost three decades after ending the terrifying reign of Pennywise the Clown. However, the film will also feature flashbacks to the characters when they were still children, as seen in the first installment released in 2017.

In the trailer we see a little of both, as the Losers reunite to take on the shape-shifting villain once again but will have to revisit the very individualized horrors that terrorized them so effectively in the past. Though most of the three-minute trailer is devoted to one scene in particular, the Stephen King faithful will still be able to identify a few key moments. Here's a look at all the small details you missed in the It: Chapter Two trailer.

Hello Mrs. Kersh

King fans who hit up CinemaCon 2019 will no doubt recognize the trailer's opening glimpse at the freaky scene from Beverly's old apartment. Attendants of that event in April were treated to the same footage, which sees Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) returning to her father's old home. The new resident, Mrs. Kersh, seems like a nice old lady who just wants to offer Bev some cookies and tea, and Bev is heartened to discover the old "January embers" poem Ben wrote for her so many decades before. However, the atmosphere in the apartment grows eerier by the second, and Mrs. Kersh's demeanor also escalates from strange to wicked — she lurks around the apartment peeking at Beverly and torments her with the phrase "daddy's little girl" before stripping down to reveal the monster within.

For those who didn't get to see that footage, these events will still ring a bell because it's an adaptation of one of the creepiest scenes from Stephen King's book. In the text, Mrs. Kersh transforms into a yellow-toothed witch, much like the one Beverly feared from Hansel and Gretel, while her literary fears aren't as clear in the film version. Otherwise, the scene looks very familiar, right down to Bev complimenting Mrs. Kersh's housekeeping skills before things start to fall apart.

Thinning the herd

Another detail from the trailer that will no doubt stand out to It fans is the fact that the ranks of the Losers Club have thinned. Although the group still sees young Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff) and Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer) in a window reflection of themselves as kids, there are only five of them still standing there as adults: Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa), Richie Tozier (Bill Hader), Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy), Beverly and Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan).

As fans of King's novel will know, Stanley Uris doesn't make it back to Derry upon being called by Mike, and while Eddie does manage to join the group for the second battle against Pennywise, his fate is not as fortunate as the rest. However, Eddie's death in the books takes place pretty late in the action, so this could be a glimpse of the tail end of the film, after they've had their last stand with Pennywise — unless Eddie is inside the pharmacy picking up a new inhaler or something. Their clothes do appear to be a bit more worn than in the shots of them scouting the streets and sewers, after all.

Back to the beginning

The settings of the It: Chapter Two trailer are all completely familiar. Clearly, Derry hasn't budgeted much for renovation on its buildings over the last 27 years. There's one place in particular that seems to carry some major significance — and no, we're not talking about the sewer pipe, although there's sure to be plenty of action there again.

Instead, it's the grassy hill that the remaining Losers are shown trekking down near the end of the trailer. As fans of the first film will recall, this is the exact spot the then-seven-strong group journeyed to when they made their blood oath to return to Derry if and when It ever came back. It's also the same spot that both Stan and Eddie seemed to confirm their fates by leaving the group first, in that order. Surprisingly, the exit order Easter egg doesn't seem to be repeated in this glance — if you look closely enough, it's Richie Tozier who trails the group instead of Eddie, but perhaps Eddie's turning to take up the rear before they make it to the fated spot.

Time for dinner

It fans might want to avoid Chinese food for a while after seeing Chapter Two because, as the trailer previews, the Losers Club will head back to the Jade of the Orient restaurant for a reunion meal that revives their strong bonds before grossing them all right out with the little horrors contained in their fortune cookies at the end of the meal.

The trailer only shows us their arrivals — as Richie announces, "this meeting of the Losers Club has officially begun" after greeting Ben and Bev outside — and the clinking of drinks, but King fans and anyone who saw the 1990 TV miniseries will remember how unappetizing things get for the group before their tab is paid. We'll just have to wait and see which surprises It may have for our heroes this time around.

Paul Bunyan statue alert

The trailer also calls back to a fixture of King's book and the 2017 adaptation: the giant statue of Paul Bunyan in the town park. In the first film, when the Losers gather to discuss the town's killer clown, it's there as a daunting, but unmoving figure; in the book, it animates to taunt Richie as his own personalized fear, instead of the clowns.

It: Chapter Two brings the statue back into Richie's life, but we don't see it in motion just yet. Instead, Pennywise is seen floating above it, suspended by an inverted pyramid of balloons. Even so, the Paul Bunyan statue's importance has obviously not been overlooked by Muschietti this time — King fans know that the statue really does exist in Bangor, Maine, and tends to make locals feel pretty uneasy on a regular basis.

The sad story of Adrian Mellon

For the first time, the terribly tragic story of Adrian Mellon will be committed to celluloid in It: Chapter Two, and the trailer gives us a few hints as to what's ahead. Though this portion of the plot wasn't included in the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation, book fans will no doubt recognize the bevy of balloons that are shown hanging out under the bridge near the end of the preview, and that stunning glimpse of the town fair serves as a hint as well.

In the book, Adrian Mellon (who'll be played by Xavier Dolan) and his partner Don (Taylor Frey) are a gay couple living a nice, quiet life in Derry. Don isn't certain that this is the place for them to be long-term, and his worst fears are confirmed when the two attend the town fair before being attacked on the way home by a group of bigoted bullies. The attackers do a lot of damage to Adrian before throwing him off a shallow bridge, and while it's not clear if they want to kill him, Pennywise shows up to finish the job, biting him and cracking his ribs. A police investigation ensues, but despite Don and one of the attackers having seen the clown, they're hesitant to report what really happened that night. It: Chapter One previously paid a tiny bit of homage to the character with a balloon which read "I Heart Derry" on it, which was the branding on the hat Adrian proudly purchased at the town fair.

The ritual

Andy Muschietti's first chapter of It didn't dare to deal with the Ritual of Chüd or Maturin the celestial turtle, but fans know from previously released information that the otherworldly concepts will make it into Chapter Two. The trailer also appears to confirm as much, as we see the six Losers hit the sewers to track down Pennywise and come upon a giant spiky object. They're then shown holding hands and looking up at the ceiling (or, more likely, something beyond).

We still don't get a glimpse of the creature or how they'll improve upon the laughable depiction of it seen in the miniseries adaptation, but Muschietti intends to bring the inter-dimensional element of It to the big screen this time, and this is our first look at how that might happen.