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Yes, Doctor Doom Is In Marvel's Deadpool 3 Trailer - But Not How You Think

The "Deadpool 3" trailer hints at a major Wolverine storyline and drops a "Secret Wars" Easter egg, but what's the deal with Doctor Doom? The teaser includes a shot of a hooded figure who resembles the villain, but their real identity remains unclear, even if some fans want to believe it's the Big Bad in question. "Is that Doctor Doom in the new #DeadpoolAndWolverine trailer? No clue but it looks like him!" one fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

That said, Doom briefly appears in the trailer, albeit as a character on a page. Toward the end of the trailer, the titular fourth wall-breaking hero can be seen lying on the ground following an explosion that knocks him off his feet. However, if you look closely, you'll spot an issue of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribić's "Secret Wars" #5 from 2015. Doctor Doom just so happens to grace the cover of that issue, and that must mean something, right? 

The scene suggests that "Deadpool 3" will have major implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it heads into "Avengers: Secret Wars." That said, could it also be hinting toward the arrival of Doom?

Marvel is keeping quiet about Doctor Doom

It seems like only a matter of time until Doctor Doom enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a "Fantastic Four" movie currently in production and slated to arrive in 2025, it makes sense to introduce him to the franchise relatively soon. Now that Disney and Fox's respective Marvel properties are free to exist in the same universe, Doom can enter the fold without any restrictions. Marvel Studios rarely drops clues if they don't plan on following through, and the social media response to the "Deadpool 3" trailer indicates that the fans want this menace to be the next major threat to this cinematic universe. "THIS BETTER BE DOCTOR DOOM," wrote one passionate fan.

Furthermore, a villain of Doom's magnitude would undoubtedly add some stakes to the MCU, especially with Marvel reportedly pivoting away from Kang the Conqueror following the legal controversies surrounding Jonathan Majors. As it stands, though, we don't know what the plans are. Still, the Doom tease in the "Deadpool 3" trailer has certainly raised some interesting questions.