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Hugh Jackman Fixes The Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Title And Fans Are Dying

"Deadpool 3" has revealed its true title — "Deadpool & Wolverine" — and the two leading stars have already found a way to make a competition out of it. Anyone who follows Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman will know that they're both close friends and performative rivals. Jackman's feud with Reynolds has been a longstanding publicity stunt, but the people seem to enjoy them jawing at each other, so it continues. And now, Jackman has added a new layer to the beef by revising the title card for "Deadpool & Wolverine."

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) made shortly after the "Deadpool 3" trailer dropped, Jackman showed off a modified placard for the film that reads "Wolverine & A**hole," with his own iconic character getting top billing. "Fixed it," the actor wrote in the caption. A follow-up post shared one of the movie's new posters, which features "best friends" necklaces with Deadpool and Wolverine's faces as pendants. "'Best' is a stretch," Jackman wrote above the poster. "So is 'friends.'"

Art imitates life with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

The years-long public "feud" between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is an appropriate way to advertise their upcoming film, as Logan and Wade Wilson will likely share a similar dynamic on the big screen. When the two are matched up in the comics, they often have a love-hate relationship. Actually, "love" might be too strong of a word. They butt heads plenty, but they also have to team up more than once, leading to often hilarious results.

That relationship, anchored by the chemistry between Reynolds and Jackman, looks like it will be at the center of the upcoming film, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 26. The two previous played the same characters opposite each other in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" — a critical flop that famously butchered the Deadpool character in the eyes of fans. Marvel Studios has a real chance to do the iconic comic book duo justice in 2024, but there's a lot we still don't know.