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Temu's 2024 Super Bowl Commercial Has Twitter Throwing Out Its Best One-Liners

Online marketplace Temu premiered two ads during the 2024 Super Bowl, and X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — is full of snarky jokes about the spots.

Viewers like @maliktheoracle went after Temu's relatively cheap offerings (the site sells clothing, jewelry, and other goods at bafflingly low prices), writing, "That Temu commercial looked like it was ordered off Temu." Meanwhile, @OvOBrezzzy wondered if the mere existence of a Temu ad hints at a dark truth about our reality: "Temu ad on Super Bowl and [you're] telling me we are not living in a simulation." In an immediate response to that post, @epiclfy asked a pretty pertinent question, wondering, "werent they getting investigated by the government LMAO[?]" The user is right; there is an open investigation into companies including Shein and Temu.

Meanwhile, @tlop444 asked if they really just experienced the ad in the first place, asking, "bro did i just watch a temu commercial." @brndxix concurred, posting, "son is that a temu commercial" with a video of a gorilla looking confused. @brunzilla took it all one step further — "Temu Super Bowl commercials..... society is doomed."

The Temu ads at the Super Bowl baffled viewers on social media

With all due respect to Temu, some of the burns X users came up with were pretty solid. Take @celebrityhottub's post, for example: "Everything about this Temu ad feels like an iPhone game where your credit card number gets stolen." Another viewer, @zoenone0none, went after the company's alleged history of human rights violations, writing, "temu paying for a superbowl ad when everything they sell costs $1 tells me that they are doing labor violations that makes the triangle shirtwaist fire look like osha." As for @tayredacted, they went right for the company's jugular: "Temu used y'all's credit card info to buy two Super Bowl ads."

When all is said and done, the funniest take might have come courtesy of X user @EwdatsGROSS, who took a familiar joke format and put their own spin on it: "If i had a nickel for every time Temu had a Super Bowl ad, I would have 2 nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice." Temu certainly seems to have a shady reputation ... and X users pointed that out en masse.