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Twisters New Trailer Spins Double The Danger With Glen Powell & Twin Storms

Almost three decades since the original film, and the winds are picking up again following the release of a new trailer for "Twisters." The standalone follow-up to the 1996 blockbuster starring Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton looks to introduce us to another daring group of storm chasers who think they can get up close and personal with Mother Nature, presumably while dodging objects flying in from every direction. Following where the wind blows this time are Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, and Superman-to-be David Corenswet.

The daring soul keeping a handle on all this behind the camera is Lee Isaac Chung, who is swapping the tender family drama of his Oscar-nominated film "Minari" for a movie that will quite literally blow your hair back. For the film's writer, Mark L. Smith, it's why he has such high hopes for the movie. "Hopefully, we can tap into what the original had because that thing is just iconic," Smith told Collider. "But it's so cool to have a director like Isaac taking on something like this. It's just so out of his norm, and I think he's having fun. I was texting with him a couple days ago, and it's just all craziness of it."

Based on the trailer, it looks like Smith's assessment is spot on.

Twisters will go off course from the original film

Given that this is a follow-up to a film about tornados, the very nature of this meteorological beast is unpredictable. It's understandable, then, that unlike other legacyquels we've had over the past few years, "Twisters" will be breaking away from the trend, forging its own wild path, and not looking too much to the past for help. Glen Powell told Vogue, "There are no characters from the original movie back, so it's not really a continuation. It's just its own standalone story in the modern-day."

Of course, with it being modern day, the technological advances that have happened since the 1996 film will make the wild ride of storm chasing even more gripping, and that is on full display in the newly released trailer. From the bracingly realistic special effects to the awesome new technology used by the characters, this spiritual successor looks to build on what captivated audiences in the '90s and up the ante for the 2020s. 

Brace yourself — "Twisters" arrives in theatres on July 19, 2024.