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Child's Play: Full-Length Trailer Reveals Mark Hamill's Chucky, New Origin Story

He's going to be your very best friend... until the very bloody end. 

Orion Pictures released the full-length trailer for Child's Play on Thursday, April 18, telling the world that it is well and truly time to play. 

Unveiled a few months after the minute-or-so-long first look at the film, this new footage reveals two major elements of the forthcoming remake: Mark Hamill as the new voice of the murderous doll, and an origin for Chucky that alters the standard story. 

The Star Wars legend sounds pretty damn fantastic as Chucky, delivering a chilling line at the end of the trailer: "Goodnight, Andy." Though some fans may still be miffed that Brad Dourif, the original voice of the killer doll, isn't involved in the remake, Hamill is poised to perfectly fill his shoes and already has people praising him as the best choice to replace Dourif.

What may rub most the wrong way, however, is the major change director Lars Klevberg and screenwriter Tyler Burton Smith made to the established narrative. No longer is the pint-sized slayer with fire-red hair and a taste for violence the keeper of a serial killer's soul as he is in the original Child's Play and its many sequels; he's now a state-of-the-art Buddi doll whose malfunctioning programming sends him on a murder spree made easier by his ability to tap into smartphones, wireless home devices, Bluetooth systems in cars, and essentially any kind of tech that connects to WiFi. That's right: the fictional fugitive and murderer Charles Lee Ray isn't trapped inside Chucky; this time around, it looks like it's just a bug in the doll's framework. 

Child's Play remake producer Seth Graheme-Smith explained to Entertainment Weekly the thought process behind toying (pun definitely intended, folks) with the source material and giving Chucky a whole new look: "We didn't want to do something that felt too familiar [to] the Chucky that was so successful in the original series. We knew we wanted to reintroduce a new design because we're also reintroducing a new concept for what Chucky really is. That led us to, okay, if a company like Apple or Google or Amazon was going to design and market a child companion toy, what would that toy look like? What would its features be? And that drove the design more than anything."

Whether that big change to the famous story works out well remains to be seen, but it will likely go one of two ways: fans will welcome the switch-up and appreciate that the Child's Play remake team tried to make the property its own, or everyone (fan or otherwise) will roast the reimagining to ashes. 

Regardless, the new Child's Play definitely offers something new to the horror franchise and something fresh to the genre that can often feel like it treads the same ground over and over again. Plus, it'll be nice to see Audrey Plaza taking on a role far different from her comedic ones as Karen Barclay, who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the killer Buddi doll for his birthday. And Brian Tyree Henry portraying a hard-boiled detective? Yeah, it's hard not to get excited over that.

Child's Play is due out on June 21.