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L.A.'s Finest: Bad Boys Spin-Off Series Gets Teaser, Premiere Date

The bad boys... er, bad girls are here and ready to raise some hell. 

The first teaser for L.A.'s Finest dropped on Thursday, giving the world a taste of what's to come on the Bad Boys spin-off television series and revealing when the show will debut. 

What starts off as a self-aware satire, with lead actresses Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba looking glammed-up in skimpy outfits and acting provocative in a one-on-one pillow fight, quickly switches gears to get to the heart of L.A.'s Finest. Like Alba says after she and Union smack one another with a fluffy pillow a few times, "This is not our show."

What is their show is smoking guns, car chase sequences, up-close-and-personal rumbles with baddies across the streets of Los Angeles, boxing classes taken in between cases, and cold beers cracked open after solving crimes. By the looks of the short teaser, posted to the YouTube Channel for Spectrum Originals, L.A.'s Finest is retaining much of the action of the Bad Boys franchise it shoots out from. 

And viewers won't be left without some hilarious character dynamics on L.A.'s Finest, either. Those hoping that Union and Alba's characters will serve as female answers to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's Detective Sergeant Mike Lowrey and Detective Sergeant Marcus Burnett should smile when learning that Union's Syd Burnett and Alba's Nancy McKenna come from two very different worlds but make an unstoppable team when they partner up. As the series' synopsis details, "The one-hour series follows Syd Burnett, last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel, who has seemingly left her complicated past behind to become an LAPD detective. Paired with a new partner, Nancy McKenna, a working mom with an equally complex history, Syd is forced to confront how her unapologetic lifestyle may be masking a greater personal secret. Taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles while skirting the rules, and speed limits, Syd and Nancy become a force to be reckoned with — on the streets, and in each other's lives."

Executive produced by Bad Boys film series producer Jerry Bruckheimer, L.A.'s Finest is scheduled to launch on Charter Communications' Spectrum platform on May 13. 

These next two years will be packed with Bad Boys goodness, first with the premiere of L.A.'s Finest in May of 2019 and then with the launch of the third Bad Boys movieBad Boys for Lif3, in January of 2020. Fans of the franchise are obviously pumped about Bad Boys for Lif3, as it brings Smith and Lawrence back together and blasts them up on the big screen, but they should take interest in L.A.'s Finest as well. Union was an important part of the films, playing Marcus' sister and Mike's girlfriend in Bad Boys II, in which her character worked undercover for the DEA to take down ecstasy-smuggling drug lord Johnny Tapia (Jordi Molla). Alba definitely has the chops to deliver a stellar performance in the upcoming series, and it will be wonderful to see her in a television project again. Her last TV gig that wasn't a one-off appearance was five years ago, in 2014, when she starred as Dixie Mellonworth on four episodes of The Spoils of Babylon

L.A.'s Finest could end up being a guilty pleasure for some, or it might prove a well-loved series that fans and critics respect. In any case, it's a great place for Union and Alba to showcase their talents in the action genre and will help boost hype for Bad Boys for Lif3 next year.

Tune into L.A.'s Finest starting May 13.