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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie Has United Rotten Tomatoes Critics (Mostly)

Swifties, rejoice — "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" is doing better than ever. The rousing box office success of Swift's new concert movie was never in doubt, thanks to the pop singer's absolutely massive following. The film has become so popular that it has even attracted attention from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, who thinks it could revolutionize the movie industry in some major ways. Despite all of this attention, however, some audiences may be wondering how the film might fare with critics, and if its reception could match its overwhelming popularity. As it turns out, the answer is an emphatic "yes."

As it currently stands on Rotten Tomatoes, "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" is certified fresh with a stellar rating of 99% in terms of critical reviews. That means that out of the 81 aggregated reviews counted by the Tomatometer, all except one gave the film a positive score. Indeed, outside of National Review, every other outlet counted by the site had quite a few positive things to say about Swift's new cinematic outing.

Rotten Tomatoes critics are loving Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Many of the positive critical reviews of "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" on Rotten Tomatoes noted how the movie functions as an effective testament not just to Taylor Swift's latest tour, but to her journey and career as an artist. As Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times put it: "With its labyrinthine arc, jumbled chronology and dazzling changes of tone, milieu and costume, it's Swift's ode to invention and self-reinvention, the many different lives she's lived and faces she's presented over the course of her career."

Other critics pointed out how the movie does a solid job of replicating the experience of seeing Swift live in concert. "'Eras Tour' is a wonderful representation of the music, performance and spectacle of Taylor's fabulous show, which, as a concert, sets the bar as high as 'Stop Making Sense' did as a concert film," Jon Bream of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote. Meanwhile, Melanie Fischer of Pajiba noted that "Closing your eyes, you do almost feel like you're there. Not quite, of course — nothing can fully replicate the real deal — but there's little imagination required."

Perhaps the greatest feat of "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" is that it managed to appeal to critics who aren't necessarily die-hard fans of Swift herself. "Unless you're a devoted fan, concert films can be a rather dreary experience but the sheer spectacle and energy of her film is enough to convert even the most rabid anti-Swiftite," Lina Das of the Daily Telegraph wrote.