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The 5 Wildest Halloween Costumes In Hollywood This Year

Halloween 2023 was another success for our favorite Hollywood celebs.

Spooky season has come to an end, which means it is time to throw out your Jack-o'-lantern and replace it with your favorite holiday season decorations. But with October done, we have to reflect on how great of a year this was for costumes. 2023 has proven to be a fantastic year for pop culture, and those who went out on Halloween night saw some of this year's biggest characters come to life. From folks dressed as J. Robert Oppenheimer and children sporting Spider-Man costumes to dozens of Barbie and Ken clones, Halloween 2023 was a fun reminder of just how chaotic and diverse our pop culture offerings have been this year. 

But the celebs are taking it to a whole other level. As expected, Hollywood's biggest stars and icons are outdoing us all with their costumes, and they're truly wild this year. From pop superstars dressing up as iconic '90s characters to power couples playfully parodying a classic horror film, this year's celeb Halloween costumes are for the history books. Here are the best, most glamorous, eccentric, and wildest costumes from this year.  

Heidi Klum wins Halloween as a Peacock

It's fair to say that Heidi Klum won this year's unofficial celeb Halloween contest thanks to her complicated and colorful garbs. One of the world's most iconic models and reality show hosts, Klum has become a fixture in pop culture. She's appeared as herself a number of times in some of your favorite projects, like Ben Stiller's fashion comedy "Zoolander," the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," and most recently in the heist flick "Ocean's 8." With clout in both the fashion and cinematic world, Klum has cemented herself as one of the most memorable cultural figures working today. 

And when it comes to her Halloween costume, she's making sure that people take notes. For her annual Halloween party, where dozens of celebs like Rachel Zegler and Taylor Lautner showed up, Klum dressed up as a large human peacock. Her costume was brought to life thanks to 10 Cirque du Soleil performers, who functioned as her wings. Klum's Halloween costume is larger-than-life, complex, and absolutely stunning, veering more into the realm of interactive art than traditional spooky season clothes. The superstar confirmed to The New York Times that her opulent costume didn't feature any real feathers, which is definitely a win for the environment. Klum obviously overshadowed everyone at their Halloween bash and proved with her costume that she still has an eye for taste and extravagance. 

Kim Kardashian's throwback trifecta

Heidi Klum may have had the best costume in terms of quality, but social media icon Kim Kardashian came through in terms of quantity. Kardashian, who currently stars in "American Horror Story: Delicate," had not one but three Halloween costumes to show off to her over 360 million Instagram followers. For her first costume, Kardashian dressed up as Cher (Alicia Silverstone) from the 1990s teen comedy "Clueless." One of the most quotable films from the decade, "Clueless" is riddled with memorable looks and costumes that still get referenced to this day. For her "Clueless" homage, Kardashian wore Cher's slick plaid yellow fit. Joining Kardashian in her "Clueless" set-up was her daughter, North West, who dressed up as Cher's partner-in-crime Dionne (Stacey Dash). 

Kardashian continued her throwback trend with a group costume coordinated with her sister Khloé Kardashian, and friends Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson. The quartet dressed up as Bratz dolls, which dominated store shelves some two decades ago. Kim dressed up in pink, while Khloé rocked yellow Bratz clothes. Honestly, the four of them nail the classic Bratz look, right down to the doll's iconic bags. 

For her third (and seemingly final) Halloween fit, Kardashian took a solo approach, dressing up as Salma Hayek's scene-stealing Santanico Pandemonium from the Robert Rodriguez picture "From Dusk Til Dawn." Kardashian posted a video as Hayek's character, where she also showed off an accompaniment to her costume: a yellow snake that populates her shoulders. 

Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies are Showgirls

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest pop superstars on the planet, teamed up with her former "Victorious" costar Elizabeth Gillies to pull off a series of "Showgirls" costumes. Maligned at the time of its 1995 release, "Showgirls" has emerged as a true cult classic in director Paul Verhoeven's filmography. The film follows Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley), a woman who finds herself roaming the streets of Vegas. With aspirations and dreams to be the world's best dancer, she climbs the ladder of the city's chaotic and seedy nightlife industry. One of the most memorable and controversial projects from the '90s, "Showgirls" continues to be a key part of the decade's cinematic canon and it's sort of amazing how Grande and Gillies' on-point costumes will likely implore a whole batch of new viewers to watch the film.  

For their group costume, Grande dressed up as Nomi, while Gillies took on the role of Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon), Nomi's sort of frenemy. The duo, who have been friends since their "Victorious" days, snapped several photos dressed up as their respective "Showgirls" characters. From Nomi's classic pink fit to Gina's regal look in the dressing room, the two absolutely killed it with their homage. Take to their separate Instagram accounts and you'll find solo snaps of Grande giving her best Berkley impression and Gillies in Connors' "Goddess" outfit. When it comes to accuracy and vibes, Grande and Gillies definitely have the best Halloween costumes. 

Keke Palmer is the Bride of Frankenstein

Keke Palmer has always been a force to reckon with. From her star-making turn in "Akelah and the Bee" to her criminally underrated performance in 2022's "Nope," Palmer is always making waves and daring choices. For Halloween, Palmer made another bold (but totally adorable) decision, teaming up with her son for a cute duo costume. The star dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein, sporting the heroine's daunting hair and classic white bridal fit. Palmer's son joined her as Frankenstein, making this one of the sweetest family pics from the spooky season. Palmer and her son even shot a small video of Frankenstein bringing the Bride to life — making their couple costume a great pitch for a future horror-comedy reboot of the iconic Universal monster. 

Palmer's love for classic cinema didn't end there, as the star went on to pay tribute to Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks' comedy "Life-Size." In the film, Lohan's character ends up breathing life into a clueless fashion doll, played by Banks. For her second Halloween costume, Palmer paid tribute to the hilarious Disney flick by dressing up as Banks' heroine. In addition to recreating the film's poster, Palmer also put on Banks' show-stopping blue-and-black dress from the picture. 

Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are Rosemary ... and her baby?

In terms of thinking outside of the box and going for the strangest costume, one has to shout out power couple Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum, who paid tribute to one of the most iconic horror films of all time: "Rosemary's Baby." Released in 1968 to critical and commercial acclaim, "Rosemary's Baby" has the privilege of being considered one of the scariest movies ever made and continues to remain culturally relevant over five decades after its debut. The film follows Rosemary (Mia Farrow), a pregnant woman who grows increasingly fearful of her neighbors ... who may be in cahoots with the devil. 

To celebrate Halloween, Kravitz went as Rosemary, sporting Farrow's iconic short haircut. She dressed up in Rosemary's memorable blue nightie, with a knife as an accessory — an homage to one of the most intense scenes in the Oscar-winning horror picture. Kravitz was joined by Tatum ... who dressed up as her baby. Yes, the "21 Jump Street" star took to the streets dressed up as a literal baby, sporting a onesie and hilarious hat that makes him look like an oversized toddler. It's a simple couple costume but one that succeeds at being both authentic and outlandish at the same time. If distributor Paramount Pictures ever decides to give "Rosemary's Baby" the remake treatment, they know exactly who to call.