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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 11 POV Winner Revealed With A Twist

Contains spoilers for Week 11 of "Big Brother 25"

With Cameron Hardin finally evicted, Jag Bains is making the most of his time in the "Big Brother" power position. Jag followed up his Week 10 Invisible Head of Household victory with a fourth Power of Veto win, though unfortunately for him, this week's Power of Multiplicity twist means there are two Power of Veto winners. The second winner is Blue Kim, whom Jag secretly nominated last week for eviction.

While wearing the mantle of Invisible Head of Household (which was invisible in name only since Jag chose to tell half the household about his triumph), Jag selected Blue and Felicia Cannon for possible eviction. For those keeping score at home, this is Felicia's fifth eviction nomination so far, a Season 25 record previously only held by Cameron. With two Power of Veto victors, there are multiple ways for this week to unfold. It's inevitable that Blue chooses to veto her own nomination, meaning that Jag will have to replace her on the block with another houseguest. Jag also has his own Power of Veto, which means he could either continue to use Felicia as a pawn, or remove her from the block and replace her with a more dangerous target. Right now is the opportune time for him to pit Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez against each other and finally take out the Season 25 showmance. And as it turns out, that's exactly what happens. 

Big Brother's power duos duke it out

In the past, Jag Bains rationalized his decision to keep Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez around by saying that if he were to target them, he and Matt Klotz would be the only other powerful duo remaining in the house, leaving them vulnerable to attack from the other houseguests. But during Episode 31, America said that if she had won the Invisible HOH in Week 10, she would have taken a shot at Jag. It would seem prudent for Jag and Matt to strike first — and it appears the Minute Men finally accepted Camercia's willingness to turn on them and decided to make their move. Updates from the "Big Brother" livestream show Jag using his Power of Veto to save Felicia, then nominating America and Cory.

In case there's any doubt about where Cory and America's relationship stands, the two are already making plans to visit each other after the season finishes. They're not going to turn on each other unless they absolutely have to, but now that they're both up on the eviction block, America has a better chance of surviving. Too many people have commented on Cory's snakiness within the game, and America has formed enough strong relationships to keep herself safe. Plus, Blue Kim is running around talking about how she wants all women at the end, and Cory definitely has no place in that plan.

To see how the Camerica nomination shakes out, check out "Big Brother" Season 25 on CBS on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT.