One Piece's Most Powerful Pirate Was Even More Menacing Than Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger may have kicked off the Golden Age of Pirates, but he's far from the most powerful "One Piece" character ever to sail the seas. That legendary title goes to Rocks D. Xebec, the captain of the Rocks Pirates.

Forty years before the events of "One Piece," predating even Roger's rise to power, Rocks terrorized the high seas. Through stories, the series describes the infamous captain as an incredibly vicious and ruthless man who, through sheer strength and power, would destroy anyone, even the World Nobles, who gets in his way. Unlike most characters, Rocks wasn't interested in becoming King of the Pirates, setting his sights on a grander ambition: ruling over everyone as King of the World.

Rocks' crew consisted of Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaidou, each of whom became members of the Four Emperors of the New World, the strongest pirates with some of the highest bounties in "One Piece." The Rocks Pirates would mercilessly attack locations, primarily those associated with the World Government, leaving mass destruction in their wake. Rocks also took an interest in many subjects the government kept hidden, studying and unraveling many of their secrets. Because of his curiosity, he became the largest threat to the World Government and the Celestial Dragons, leading them to label him a terrorist. His name would be erased from history, including any evidence to prove he existed, after his death.

It took a dynamic duo to take down Rocks

Rocks D. Xebec is arguably the largest threat the World Government has ever faced, with knowledge of their secrets and the power to do something with them, so naturally, they'd want him dealt with swiftly. However, bringing him down was easier said than done, requiring the help of an unlikely duo: Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger.

Although they found mutual respect for one another, Garp and Roger spent years as enemies, with the Marine Vice Admiral hunting down the King of the Pirates. However, thirty-eight years before "One Piece," they set aside their differences, forming a temporary alliance to stop Rocks from taking over the world. The Marines and Roger Pirates intercepted the Rocks Pirates at God Valley, protecting the World Nobles on the island from Rocks and his crew. It took the combined strengths of Garp and Roger to take down Rocks, who died during the incident, with the Rocks Pirates dissolving afterward.

For his role in taking down Rocks, the World Government dubbed Garp the "Hero of the Marines," offering him a promotion to admiral, which he repeatedly declined. Although Roger played a vital role in defeating Rocks, the World Government erased his involvement in the incident, leading to Garp despising his newly-acquired title, as it made it seem like he single-handedly killed Rocks.