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More Live-Action Aladdin Photos Show Off Abu, Jafar, And New Character Dalia

Shining, shimmering, and splendid are the latest photos from Disney's live-action Aladdin, released exclusively by Entertainment Weekly

In addition to revealing the first look at Will Smith's (distinctly non-blue, non-CGI) Genie on the cover of the newest issue of its magazine, EW also shared a batch photos that show off Abu, Aladdin's trusty mammalian sidekick; Jafar, the advisor to the Sultan whose motivations are anything but pure; and Dalia, the handmaiden of Princess Jasmine who was made specifically for the upcoming remake.

The pic of Abu is, as to be expected when it comes to photos of animals, absolutely adorable; the little monkey is seen wearing a tiny vest and hat, staring at the various jewels and treasures hidden within the Cave of Wonders, where Aladdin (Mena Massoud) discovers the magic lamp in which the Genie has been trapped for thousands of years. The one of Marwan Kenzari as Jafar is far less cute, though it is just as dazzling. Shown wearing robes of black, gold, and red, clutching the lamp in one hand and using the other to point a finger at someone (perhaps Jasmine?) standing opposite him, the wannabe sorcerer Jafar looks powerful and diabolical — everything you want a central villain to be.

Those two characters are important figures in the original Aladdin animated movie, and will be in the Guy Ritchie-directed live-action film, but one character who hasn't been important until now is Dalia. Portrayed by Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad, Dalia is not just Jasmine's handmaiden — she's also her best friend, helping her "wade through the suitors who ask for her hand in marriage." A new photo shows Dalia and Jasmine chatting with one another, Dalia looking concerned about something Jasmine's just said. Fans might be resistant to Dalia at first, since she's taking some of the spotlight from Jasmine's pet tiger and confidant Rajah. But they can rest easy knowing that Jasmine's furry companion will still play a pivotal part in the new Aladdin

Photos of Aladdin and Jasmine meeting in the fictional city of Agrabah, the pair running through a tannery, Jasmine standing on the steps of the Sultan's (Navid Negahban) palace, and Aladdin guarding two young children round out the collection EW shared on Wednesday. Two characters missing from the images, however, are Billy Magnussen's Prince Anders, another character new to the Aladdin story, and Numan Acar's Hakim, Jafar's right-hand man.

These snaps do a great job giving us a better idea of what the live-action Aladdin will look like, but they don't capture the full feel. While Disney previously unveiled a short teaser for the film, it only featured the titular street urchin in front of the camera for a few seconds — and there's no telling when the House of Mouse might release a trailer that includes Jasmine, Abu, Jafar, Nadia, the Sultan, Prince Anders, and Hakim all together. People have already publicized both their disappointment and their excitement for the movie based solely on these photos alone, so hopefully when Disney does issue a full-length trailer, reactions will be less split.