The Big Bang Theory: What Is Melissa Rauch Doing Now?

Melissa Rauch bid her character Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz goodbye on "The Big Bang Theory" over four years ago. With her adorable facade and cut-throat actions, Bernadette is one of the most intriguing "Big Bang Theory" characters. Not only is the mother of two a brilliant scientist, but she also managed something incredible –- getting her husband, Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), to suppress his proclivity for being sleazy around women.

Rauch also put on a cartoon-like voice when portraying Bernadette. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that she has been a successful voice actor following "The Big Bang Theory." According to her IMDb page, the actor brought the animated characters Beth Bayani and Dinah to life for the child-friendly series, "Firebuds" and "The Chicken Squad." In addition, when she is not in a recording studio, Rauch puts on her executive producer hat for the "Night Court" reboot. She also has been showing off her comedy skills as the show's protagonist, Judge Abracadabra "Abby" Stone.

Melissa Rauch's children are confused about her job

Melissa Rauch discussed the "Night Court" reboot in a February 2023 interview on the "Jennifer Hudson Show." The New Jersey native shared that she believed those unfamiliar with the comedy's source material would like the new show just as much as hardcore fans. She hinted that her character inherited her father, Judge Harry T. Stone's (Harry Laverne Anderson) inability to hide his whimsy, even while wearing his judge robe.

"What I love about it is that people who loved the original incarnation, there's so much for them that they will remember and nostalgia and just all these little Easter eggs that they will remember from the original," shared the actor. "And then for people who don't have any prior knowledge of it, they can come into it with fresh eyes and they don't need to have that, you know, familiarity with it either."

While Rauch's children, Brooks and Sadie, may have enjoyed a few episodes of "Firebuds" and "The Chicken Squad," it is unlikely that they are aware their mother is an actor on the animated shows. While speaking to Hudson, the "Big Bang Theory" star explained that her son and daughter are under the impression that she actually works in a court of law. "Is it wrong that I haven't corrected them? They've seen the posters for ['Night Court'] and they're like, 'Mom's a judge!' And I'm like, 'Yes, I am,'" quipped Rauch.

Melissa Rauch looks back on 'The Big Bang Theory' fondly

During a February 2023 appearance on "The View," Melissa Rauch shared that there have been some tricky aspects about appearing in "Night Court." She noted that some "Big Bang Theory" viewers may find watching the 2023 sitcom jarring because she did not change her natural voice. "I don't tend to read a lot of Instagram comments but I did notice that people were concerned that I wasn't using the same voice that I use for Bernadette on 'Big Bang.' The reaction is a little bit like when you are transitioning from silent movies into talkies. Like people are horrified that I'm not talking like [Bernadette]," the actor joked.

However, Rauch does not seem to mind being associated with her "Big Bang Theory" character. The actor helped contribute to the 2022 book, "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series." During an October 2022 interview with the book's author, Jessica Radloff, Rauch shared that she missed the CBS comedy for several reasons. She noted that she longed for the days that she could regularly interact with "The Big Bang Theory" cast and crew. She then unexpectedly revealed she was also very fond of the omelet bar that was set up for the show's stars once a week.