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Ryan Murphy Ghosted Angelica Ross After Pitching An All Black Lead AHS Season

Over a decade after it arrived on FX, Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" is on the precipice of its highly-anticipated Season 12 — titled "American Horror Story: Delicate." With a new intriguing narrative and a strong cast behind it, the upcoming set of episodes looks like it will deliver on all of the spooky "American Horror Story" goodness fans could want. However, amid all of this excitement, Murphy has found himself in some hot water with fans of the program. Actor and "American Horror Story" alum Angelica Ross revealed that the show creator ghosted her after she pitched to him a season featuring an entirely Black lead cast.

Ross revealed as much on Twitter, posting a screenshot of July 2020 emails between her and Murphy where they discuss the idea. In his email, he tells her that he wants to move forward with the concept, even pitching Black talent to include at the forefront of the season. In response, Ross excitedly offers up more ideas for her co-stars, but her excitement is misplaced. Ultimately, their discussions didn't persist, with Ross sharing that after years of radio silence, she reached out one more time in February 2022. Once again, nothing came to her from Murphy's side.

The lack of communication and unprofessionalism toward Ross are undoubtedly bad, and to make things worse, it turns out that this situation left her no choice but to put another high-profile collaboration on hold as she attempted to work with Murphy and his team.

Worse yet, Ross had to put Marvel on hold during her stalled talks with Murphy

According to Angelica Ross and her Twitter screenshots, it seems that she tried incredibly hard to make a Black cast-led "American Horror Story" season a reality. She knew who she would've liked to work with on it and was eager to iron out the story along with Ryan Murphy. For one reason or another, though, he left her in the dark about the concept's status. It's one thing for him to leave her on read without explanation, but the fact that this stalling strained Ross' talks with Marvel Studios makes this situation a whole lot uglier.

"It's not JUST that the idea changed. Things change all the time. It's that I called business affairs for MONTHS trying to get clarity if they were picking up my contract option or if I was ok to tell Marvel that I was available for whatever they were calling me for. I had been auditioning for THREE YEARS for marvel," Ross shared in another tweet about the "American Horror Story" situation. In her tweet containing her 2022 email to Murphy, she noted that Marvel Studios had already called her twice at that point.

We'll have to wait and see how this situation unfolds in the coming weeks, and if Angelica Ross will get a shot at a Marvel Cinematic Universe production down the road.