Attack On Titan: The Final Arc Part 2 Release Date, Trailer, And More Details

It's been a pretty wild ride for "Attack on Titan" fans throughout the 4th and final season. Split into four parts that have seen staggered releases since late 2020, the mega-popular anime's storyline has escalated from Eren Yeager's (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook) long-promised revenge on Reiner Braun (Yoshimasa Hosoya/Robert McCollum) to his heel turn amid his genocidal mission to destroy most of the world with The Rumbling.

This is where the "Attack on Titan: The Final Arc, Part 2" will pick up. Now that the allies have made it to Eren's Founding Titan, they'll have to see if they can stop their former friend before his colossal Titans trample what remains of civilization. However, it looks like even with five Titan shifters and the remnants of Scout Corps, it's going to be tough for the allies to come out on top.

As the trailer shows, Eren has unleashed an army of new Titan variations to protect him as he completes his unforgivable task. Meanwhile, he still has the power of his brother Zeke's (Takehito Koyasu/Ernesto Jason Liebrecht) Beast Titan on his side, as well as the devastating abilities of the highly versatile War Hammer Titan and his abilities as the Founding Titan.

When will Attack on Titan: The Final Arc Part 2 be released?

The new trailer also announced that the final hour of "Attack on Titan" will be released on November 4, 2023, which puts it well in line with the previous claim that it would be airing in the fall of this year. While that may be a little later into the upcoming anime season than many fans were hoping for, the fact that we're less than two months away from the epic, all-or-nothing series finale has to have viewers excited by the news.

It also helps to take the sting out for fans who have been repeatedly duped by the naming structure of "Attack on Titan: The Final Season," as it was split into four parts and roughly the equivalent of 34 episodes. Still, with this last run being the most exciting, eventful, and shocking in the series' history, the real question is whether the ending can live up to such colossal expectations. Still, there's plenty to parse out of the mere 30-second trailer that came with the announcement.

With that in mind, if you have the ability to watch the new trailer on a bigger screen, it's well worth your while. That's because the teaser for the final episode of "Attack on Titan" is crammed with small details that you can easily miss while watching on a phone.

Is there a trailer for Attack on Titan: The Final Arc Part 2?

For one thing, you can see the characteristics of the Titans that are being unleashed from Eren Yeager's body, and they seemingly contain each of The Nine, suggesting he has full access to every aspect of the Founding Titan's abilities. There are unique variations on the Beast Titan as well as a reborn version of Porco Galliard's (Toshiki Masuda/Kellen Goff) Jaw Titan, which Falco Grice (Natsuki Hanae/Bryson Baugus) has since inherited.

Speaking of Falco, a quick shot in the trailer shows his bird-like version of the Jaw Titan, which will likely help to explain how he, Gabi Braun (Ayane Sakura/Lindsay Seidel), and Annie Leonhart (Yu Shimamura/Lauren Landa) made it to the final fight despite seemingly staying behind in the previous "Attack on Titan" special. Notably, we also see Eren's War Hammer abilities appearing to show that he can attack from just about anywhere on his body, making him more dangerous than ever.

Finally, with a team of Archer Titans, it looks like we'll be seeing more variations in the creatures than ever. The real question is whether the small team of allies can stop Eren at all with all of this firepower at his command on top of an army of Colossal Titans. Furthermore, how much of the world and our constantly shrinking cast of characters will be left even if they are successful?

Where to watch Attack on Titan: The Final Arc Part 2

While fans who have been holding off on watching Season 4 of "Attack on Titan" until it finally had a proper ending in sight can finally sit down and binge the series on Crunchyroll, which will also be airing the series finale, it's unlikely that we can expect anything regarding a happy ending for most of its characters.

Being that "Attack on Titan" tends to kill off fan favorites and has now set all of the surviving characters on a collision course with one another, it's likely that many of the central cast members will not survive its final hour. While we're personally betting on the deaths of at least three characters, given where they are in The Final Arc, nothing is off the table for the series finale of a show like this. Either way, the wait is almost over, and soon, the epic decade-long run of this beloved anime will come to a crushing and likely bittersweet end on November 4.