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Spider-Man: Miles Morales' New Vampire-Hunting Costume Looks Sinister As Hell

Spider-Man is getting a brand-new, vampire-hunting costume that is one of the hero's best looks to date.

In the ongoing "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" series from Marvel Comics, Miles Morales has dealt with an anti-superhero task force made up of villains — including Electro, Scoprion, and Taskmaster — called the Cape Killers. After Spider-Man recently managed to break free from the speedster Hightail monitoring him, he found himself face-to-face with Blade and his daughter Bloodline in the middle of a vampire attack in his own neighborhood. Miles watched as a bloodthirsty vampire lunged at him, only to see Blade intervene and impale the undead creature with his sword before it could bite him.

Blade and Bloodline have a purpose for coming to Miles and are asking the web-slinger for help. In a new preview for "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" #11, it's revealed Miles will work with the famous vampire hunter and his superpowered daughter while getting a new look, capturing the spirit of his most iconic Spider-Man ensemble but giving it a new twist that fits alongside Blade. 

Spider-Man and Blade aren't holding back

Writer Cody Ziglar is teaming up with newcomer Federica Mancin (recent winner of Marvel's Art Atelier challenge), colorist Bryan Valenza, and letter Cory Petit for "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" #11. Spider-Man, Blade, and Bloodline will go up against a group of supernatural creatures, while the wall-crawler still deals with the Cape Killers. Miles Morales will get a new costume specifically designed for vampire hunting, with an interior page showing off the excellent ensemble. The look gives Spider-Man red eyes, several gadgets on his utility belt, and a coat-like feature attached. Did Blade and Bloodline outfit him to take on vampires? That seems to be the case.


For those wondering if Spider-Man and Blade's new team-up would embrace the latter's violent nature, the other two preview pages show Hightail ripping through winged creatures while Miles and Blade do some hunting themselves. Miles' new belt appears to emit sunlight, allowing him to burn one of the supernatural beings' wings to a crisp. Meanwhile, Blade is making sure that none of the dark opponents are left standing as he tries to clear them out of Miles' neighborhood.

Blade and Miles' team up will be worth checking out

In his current series, Miles Morales has had major trouble catching a break. Between his Spider-Sense being on the fritz, recently dealing with Carnage's attack, the rise of the Cape Killers, and now supernatural creatures coming to his hometown, he has had a lot on his plate. However, with Blade and Bloodline around to help take the evil-doers out and Spider-Man getting a new costume specifically designed to assist them, it seems like his luck is finally coming around. Check out the cover for "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" #11, followed by the accompanying text.

A BLADE BITES IN BROOKLYN! A sinister force has infiltrated SPIDER-MAN's new neighborhood. Thousands are at risk, and HIGHTAIL and the CAPE KILLERS already have Miles on the ropes. His only hope may lie in vampire hunter BLADE, who has business in Brooklyn. But Blade and Spidey may not exactly see eye to eye on the current predicament. One that Blade really wants to sink his teeth into!

Readers can officially see Spider-Man, Blade, and Bloodline team up against supernatural threats in "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" #11, which arrives in comic book stores on October 18, 2022.