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Carnage's Host Just Received His Own Iron Man Armor

Contains spoilers for "Carnage #14" 

Carnage might have abandoned Cletus Kasady while the deadly symbiote goes on a quest towards Godhood, but the former host is still making waves in the Marvel Universe with his Extrembiote. And now, Kasady is turning stolen tech From Tony Stark into full-blown Iron Man armor and proving that he might not need Carnage as much as he might have once thought.

In previous issues of "Carnage," Iron Man's Extrembiote, created during the "King in Black" event when Iron Man merged a cosmic symbiote dragon with the Extremus Virus, was taken by Kasady and Carnage, creating an even deadlier version of the horrifying monster. However, Carnage and Casady split from one another, leaving the serial killer in the Extrembiote on Earth. In New York, Kasady's upgraded Extrembiote has caused significant damage, leading to Miles Morales' Spider-Man teaming up with a series of villains and Normie Osborn's Red Goblin in order to stop the out-of-control foe. Unfortunately for those attempting to take down Kasady, the sinister villain has just found a way to upgrade his Extrembiote once again, evolving into something darker following an encounter with Stark Sentinels.

Cletus Kasady is evolving the Extrembiote

In "Carnage" #14 by Alex Paknadel, Fran Galan, Federico Sabbatini, Erick Arciniega, and VC's Joe Sabino, part of the current "Carnage Reigns" crossover, Cletus Kasady's quest to improve the Extrembiote continues. The villain not only has a new symbiote but uses Tony Stark's Iron Man armor to create a communication hub and create an army of his followers. As Miles Morales' Spider-Man and the Red Goblin deal with the possessed humans Kasady, with Normie Osborn using his powers to extract Cletus' symbiote control, Stark Sentinels sent on behalf of Feilong, who recently took over Stark Industries and has his own evil plans, try to stop the outbreak.

The Stark Sentinels begin to purge Kasady's forces but are met by the Extrembiote. While the giant Iron Man armors attempt to capture the symbiote, Feilong is shocked to see his Sentinels defeated in the ensuing battle. Feilong's attempts to contain Kasady leads to a transformation into a more monstrous form as wires are embedded in him. When Kasady and the Extrembiote emerge, he takes on a new form: part symbiote dragon and part Iron Man. It's Cletus Kasady, like readers have never seen him before.

"Carnage" 14 leads to a call-to-action by Kasady, sending a message to all of his followers that he's building a team and needs missionaries to accomplish his next mission. The alert reaches Iron Man, who expresses frustration his tech has fallen into the wrong hands yet again as he suits up to go after Cletus and his new Extrembiote armor.

Cletus' new Extrembiote army is growing

Cletus Kasady's new Iron Man-like armor and symbiote form will play a key role in Marvel stories ahead, specifically Miles Morales'. In a preview for "Miles Morales: Spider-Man" #7 by Cody Ziglar, Federico Vicentini, Bryan Valenza, and VC's Cory Petit, Spider-Man will be one of the last people standing as Carnage's chaos continues to be unleashed in New York City. The synopsis for the issue teases Miles getting help from an unexpected ally (maybe Iron Man?) and potentially getting his own upgrade. Meanwhile, the "Carnage Reigns" conclusion in "Carnage Reigns: Omega" #1 from Ziglar, Julius Ohta, Erick Arciniega, Roge Antonio, JP Mayer, and Edgar Delgado teases the Extrembiote continuing to evolve and the last stand between Kasady and Spider-Man.

Taking down Kasady won't be easy for Miles Morales, Iron Man, or any other hero or villain trying to stop the monster and his new form. With his tech advancements, growing army, and serial killer history, Kasady will likely put up quite a bloody fight to ensure Carnage reigns in the Marvel Universe. 

Readers can see Cletus Kasady's symbiote armor and terrifying new appearance in "Carnage" #14 from Marvel Comics, which is now in comic book stores and available at online retailers.