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Who Does Kim Delaney Play On Chicago Fire?

After watching "Chicago Fire" for so many years, fans of the NBC series have witnessed several famous actors pop up in guest roles, with some being more important than others. There is no denying the show attracts an assorted variety of talent for these minor parts, even recruiting seasoned players in the realm of television, like Emmy award winner Kim Delaney. While her screen time is limited, the character she plays is kind of a big deal, especially when it comes to Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

The actor has made appearances in four episodes of the "One Chicago" series, making her debut in Season 6, Episode 17 ("Put White on Me"). In the entry, Stella Kidd (Miranda Raye Mayo) struggles to win the blessing of Severide's mom, Jennifer Sheridan, who is played by Delaney. She brings decades of experience to the table playing Sheridan, the ex-wife of Benny Severide (Treat Willaims), and the one who raised Kelly after his father left when he was just a kid in elementary school. Delaney's "Chicago Fire" persona leads a life that relies on faith and scripture as a devout Catholic, and while their relationship isn't perfect, she continues to be there for her son, helping him deal with the turmoil he experiences after losing his father.

Jennifer Sheridan is just one of many characters Delaney has had the opportunity to play throughout her career. Even though she has had her fair share of ups and downs over the years, some might be surprised to learn how she has continued to make an impact on the small screen.

Kim Delaney has a stellar atttitude about acting

When it comes to her work in television, Kim Delaney has a lot more credits on her resume than just playing Severide's mom on "Chicago Fire." While the actor has been featured in a number of big-name shows, her most notable claims to fame arguably include "All My Children," "CSI Miami," "NYPD Blue," "Army Wives," and "General Hospital." Besides her talent, Delaney's attitude toward her craft has arguably been the driving force behind her longevity in the business.

Even though every part she plays is different, Delaney believes all the roles she has taken on have provided a unique challenge and that each one has only helped her grow as an actor over the years. "I think every role is just different. I don't know that there is easier or harder. I think it's just all evolving as the years go on," she said in a 2009 interview with Avi the TV Geek for WOOD TV8. While it's evident that her experiences in front of the camera have taught her much, she has also managed to garner a wealth of knowledge since her early days in the game from those around her. "My first acting job was All My Children," the actor told the Digital Journal. "I've been so fortunate to work and learn alongside some of the best writers, producers, actors, and even crews have taught me so much."

Based on the actor's accounts, Kim Delaney's robust career may not have been possible had it not been for her ever-evolving passion for acting and unwavering devotion to cultivating her skills.