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Star Wars: Were Yoda & Yaddle Married?

Yoda and Yaddle were amongst the most powerful and respected Jedi Masters within the "Star Wars" universe. Given that the two were on the Jedi High Council around the same time and are of the same species, it's tempting to believe that sparks flew between the noble warriors and that they got married. However, when you break down the place both Jedi hold within their society, the idea of them tying the knot is highly improbable.

Yaddle's part in the major "Star Wars" films is easy to miss, only appearing in a handful of non-speaking scenes in "Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace" where she sits amongst the Jedi High Council. Like Yoda, she was highly skilled in the Force and used her abilities to train several Padawans, most notably Thisspiasian Jedi warrior Oppo Rancisis. She appears in the Disney+ animated series "Tales of the Jedi," voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard. In the series, then-Jedi Master Dooku kills Yaddle after she discovers he is working alongside Darth Sidious.

On top of the fact that no such evidence exists of Yoda and Yaddle marrying in or out of the "Star Wars" canon, it wouldn't make much sense considering what both characters stand for. As strict believers of the Jedi way of life and trusted members of the Council, the two would have likely stuck by the Jedi's rules regarding forbidden love. Emotional attachment from any Jedi was considered dangerous — as was the case for Anakin Skywalker — so the concept of masters as powerful as Yoda and Yaddle harboring such strong emotions would have posed a major risk. But even then, there may have been one instance where even these loyal Jedi had to break the rules.

Grogu might have been conceived out of necessity

With their strict allegiance to the Jedi Order, the idea of Yoda and Yaddle getting married was an unlikely prospect. But with the introduction of fan-favorite character Grogu in "The Mandalorian," the relationship between the Jedi Masters has been somewhat reevaluated. Perhaps they never married, but having an infant isn't too out of the realm of possibility — and may have even been needed.

Throughout the entirety of the "Star Wars" saga, Yoda, Yaddle, and Grogu are the only known members of their unnamed species. Given their rarity, Yoda and Yaddle may have had Grogu as a way of preserving their kind. A similar instance occurred within the Legends-continuity of the "Star Wars: Republic" comic series with fellow Jedi Council member Ki-Adi-Mundi, who was allowed to have a family given the endangered status of the Cerean. Yaddle had been trusted with similarly forbidden Jedi customs in other Legends material, such as practicing and even teaching the potentially life-threatening force technique known as Morichro.

George Lucas himself has stated that intercourse between Jedi is not prohibited so long as they do not remain emotionally attached. It's hard to imagine any Jedi more worthy of trust with this rule than Yoda and Yaddle. Had they birthed the similarly force-sensitive toddler, they would likely have abandoned or left him under the care of someone else to avoid forming such a bond. It's all complete speculation as the hit Disney+ series has yet to reveal Grogu's full origin, but in a galaxy full of parental twists and turns, this notion doesn't seem all that out of left field.