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Star Wars Theory: Yoda's Species Originated From The Force

The Force is a mysterious and ever-changing aspect of the "Star Wars" mythos. While the galaxy is filled with warriors in many different systems from all sorts of species, one thing is constant throughout all of space: the Force is strong with some beings. Of course, fans of the industry-changing science-fiction franchise were presented with an image of the Force as light and dark, Jedi and Sith. But as the franchise expanded into books, comics, and TV series, we have gained a lot more insight into the mystical power.

One of the themes of the Force that has developed over the years is balance, including a prophecy that Anakin Skywalker would be the one to bring balance to the Force. Of course, that idea seems a little suspect with the knowledge that the Jedi translated that to mean he would destroy the Sith, ridding the galaxy of any balance between the sides at all. The Force has been subject to speculation, theories, debates, and philosophical conversations for decades. Still, one Redditor believes that it is more than a religion or magical power wielded by warriors, but that it actually can create beings.

u/Levon226 posited, "Might be a wild theory, but I wonder if the 'Yoda species' are not actually from a 'system,' but an embodiment of the force itself. Yoda, Yaddle, and Grogu were likely born Force-sensitive and extremely powerful. Given the idea that the force surrounds the universe and creates life naturally, maybe their species are a creation of the force itself."

Could Grogu be the Force's answer to Anakin?

If the original poster is correct and the Force is putting highly sensitive Force users in the midst of humans to push and guide them, would that mean it is actually pulling the strings of the galaxy? Yoda is one of the most powerful Jedis ever to live, almost guaranteeing that he would be sitting at or near the head of the Jedi Council. Anakin is similarly powerful, maybe more so, and whether he went good or bad, he would almost certainly impact the galaxy. But one responder to the post brings up a point that gives the theory a whole new level of intrigue.

u/ComfortablyBalanced added his own idea into the theory when he brought up a rather important date for "The Mandalorian" character in the species, "Grogu was born the same year as Anakin, 40 BBY," he said. "Coincidence? I think not." If this little piece of information combined with the idea that the species is of the Force itself, it makes us wonder what other ramifications this theory could hold. For instance, did the Force know that Anakin Skywalker was going to succumb to the dark side of the Force? If it did, could the creation of Grogu happening at the same time mean that the Force used him as the counterbalance?

Finally, does that mean that Anakin Skywalker was never the chosen one meant to bring balance to the Force, but that it was Grogu all along? If any of this is the case, we could be in for a lot more Grogu in the future.