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Who Sings 'All Eyes On Me' In The Google Commercial About NFL Pre-Game Fits?

In case you hadn't heard, regular season games for the National Football League kicked off this week. And with the NFL's elite players back to putting on high-octane displays of athletic ability for football fiends across the land, advertisers cleverly seized the chance to kick off a slew of new campaigns. That includes search engine titan Google, who debuted a fresh new ad fronting their latest online innovation.

Though it's hardly a Super Bowl-level blockbuster, said ad also fronts several actual NFL players profiling their own stylish pre-game get-ups and doing so to the booming soundtrack of the low-key earworm titled "All Eyes on Me." That track kicks in about 10 seconds into the 30-second spot, and the titular mantra proves fitting, given the players are very much out to impress with their off-the-field outfits. The vibe of "All Eyes on Me" is all the more pulsing due to the lyrical prowess of rising star Tia P., who delivers the title line with infectious, unbridled verve.

Producer Allister X aids the multi-hyphenate singer, and if you've seen the ad or streamed the track since it dropped, you know the pairing is simply spectacular.

The Google ad features some primetime NFL players as well

"All Eyes on Me" appears to be Allister X's and Tia P's first collaboration. Though it only clocks in at 1 minute and 40 seconds, the track boasts more bang for your pop-centric buck than most chart-toppers these days. While we cannot confirm that said track is booming through the earbuds of the NFL players who appear in the Google ad, their outward attitudes at least appear quite in line with the vibe.

As it is, those players no doubt look familiar to NFL fans as the ad brings aboard some of the league's top offensive and defensive talents. Among them is Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who's been terrorizing offensive opponents in the league for the better part of the past decade, netting the Defensive Player of the Year award a record-tying three times. And yes, he was anchoring the Rams' defensive line during their 2022 title run. Donald is joined in the ad by fellow Buffalo Bills star Stefon Diggs, who's become one of the top wide receivers in the league over the past several years.

Also on board in Google's "New Ways to Search: Tunnel Fits" ad is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith. And yes, that is indeed longtime New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan cruising through the scene, too. And if you know that name, you know Jordan's prowess on the field is every bit as impressive as his fashion sense off.