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Netflix's One Piece Has A Glaring Weapon Goof In Episode 1 - So A Fan Fixed It

Although "One Piece" is making a splash on Netflix, more people watching means more eyes to find mistakes, and unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. Roughly a month after fans spotted a "One Piece" trailer mistake that forced Netflix to change it, viewers caught another editing mistake, this time in the actual show. 

Toward the end of Episode 1, "Romance Dawn," as Zoro (Mackenyu), Luffy (Iñaki Godoy), and Nami (Emily Rudd) fight Axe-Hand Morgan (Langley Kirkwood), the legendary pirate hunter rolls away from the Marine captain's attack. However, upon closer inspection, viewers noticed an unnatural bend in Zoro's Wado Ichimonji, as if he accidentally bent the sword in half while completing his roll. 

Thankfully for the "One Piece" editing team, TikTok user @huber0203 was ready to put their services to use, using Adobe After Effects to seemingly correct the mistake. Although the user sped up the video to make it look like a quick and easy solution, they did go through the entire process to right the wrong, and some users are calling for Netflix to hire the fan. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Netflix has yet to fix the mistake within "One Piece" Episode 1, unlike the mistake in the trailer, which it was quick to set right.

One Piece nailed most of its visual effects

Although it isn't ideal, a few easy-to-miss mistakes in the "One Piece" editing room aren't all that bad, considering the amount of visual effects that went into bringing Eiichiro Oda's legendary world to live action.

"'One Piece' is not a show for a rookie director," Marc Jobst said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "It's the most complicated show I've ever done, and you need to learn how much you can do in-camera and what you can't do in-camera." The director, whose previous works include CGI-heavy shows like "The Witcher," "Luke Cage," and "Daredevil," believes that the only reason he was able to get through "One Piece" was because of the relationship between himself and the visual effects team. While the interview doesn't mention the fan-caught editing mistake, Jobst repeatedly reiterates how complex a simple adaptation like "One Piece" is in terms of visual effects, so thankfully, Zoro's (Mackenyu) sword is the only blatant error fans have spotted.

There is a positive takeaway from the simple editing mistake: "One Piece" shot for the stars, and nothing was off the table. In the same interview, Jobst states there was nothing within the manga that the "One Piece" team ever deemed unadaptable, meaning they were determined to bring even the most off-the-wall anime nonsense to live action. While that's a great sign for "One Piece" if Season 2 ever happens, it means the visual effects team has their work cut out for them, and unfortunately, they let a few things slip. However, it's not the end of the world, nor the end of "One Piece," and considering how much CGI went into the show, fans shouldn't lose sleep over one tiny mistake in Episode 1.