The One Piece Trailer Mistake That Forced Netflix To Make A Change

Whether it's a rogue coffee cup in "Game of Thrones" or a man wearing jeans in "The Mandalorian," editors sometimes don't catch everything, with some real-world objects sneaking through into a TV show's final cut. Unfortunately, Netflix's "One Piece" is the latest series to make the hilarious blunder, but at least fans found it before it was included in the final product.

Last week, Netflix debuted the trailer for "One Piece," filling it with plenty of small details and big reveals. However, even we didn't spot one of the extras wearing a smartwatch to Gol D. Roger's execution. Twitter user @OP_Netflix_Fan caught the slip-up, posting before and after images of the blunder. The blink-and-you-miss-it moment was toward the beginning of the trailer, with the crowd growing chaotic after Roger's death. With a perfectly-timed pause during all the mayhem, viewers could see the smartwatch on the extra's wrist in plain view.

Unfortunately, Netflix was quick to fix the error, digitally removing the smartwatch from the extra's wrist, so the official "One Piece" trailer no longer includes the high-tech accessory. Since fans pointed it out so early, it's safe to say the watch won't be in the show either when "One Piece" premieres later this month, but the internet already has a hold of it, and the internet doesn't forget.

Netflix's One Piece seems to be sticking to the source material

Despite nearly featuring a smartwatch in the final cut, Netflix's "One Piece" seems to be sticking closely to the source material, which could pay off in a big way.

For starters, "One Piece" creator and legendary manga artist Eiichiro Oda has been working closely with Netflix on the live-action adaptation the entire time. He even released a statement regarding the production, admitting it was initially difficult for the two sides to see eye-to-eye. However, it's been magical ever since they started working in sync, creating a live-action adaptation that Oda is genuinely proud of and what could be his last chance to bring "One Piece" to a global audience.

If that wasn't enough, Netflix's "One Piece" was made by people who love the source material, which isn't true for all of the streamer's popular shows. In an interview with GamesRadar, Luffy himself, IƱaki Godoy, said, "We love the manga, we love the anime, we think they're great," stating everyone on board the Netflix series wants to honor Oda's work and bring it to new audiences.

Showrunner Matt Owens expressed a similar love for the source material in Netflix's "One Piece" sneak peek, showcasing the massive sets the production built to accurately bring Oda's world to life. "As the biggest 'One Piece' fan, it's been exciting seeing some of my favorite places from the manga become a reality," Owens said. The short video showed many ships the streamer brought to life, including Baratie, the Going Merry, and the Miss Love Duck, proving that "One Piece" may be in good hands with Netflix.