Is Spider-Man's Disney+ Series Dead?

With Tom Holland taking a break from acting following his demanding performance in "The Crowded Room," it feels safe to say that we won't see the return of his wall-crawling hero, Spider-Man, any time soon. As a result, an alternative bit of web-swinging action in the MCU to look forward to is the animated Disney+ series "Spider-Man: Freshman Year," which details Peter Parker's origin story before he crosses paths with Tony Stark. Unfortunately, following the show's announcement and reveal of its concept designs, the conversation has died down considerably, begging the question of whether we will see Spidey's freshman year at all.

Initially announced in November 2021 on Disney+ Day, the show was later confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to premiere in 2024 on Disney+, with a second season, entitled "Sophomore Year," already in development. Since then, there have been very few updates on the project, leaving it to the fans to chase up as much info as possible. Over on Twitter, @JaceTheDon tweeted the head writer and executive producer of "Spider-Man: Freshman Year," Jeff Trammell (@MrJeffTrammell), asking if there was any new information about the show and what to expect. Trammell responded, "Nothing that I can share yet, just that I'm eager for everyone to see the show." Confirming its current state, he added, "Our crew worked (and is still working) hard to make Freshman Year feel special, fun, and unique, and I'm excited for the world to see it!"

Spider-Man: Freshman Year will mark the debut of the Osborns to the MCU

As careful as Trammell's reply might be, it marks the first update in a while to assure fans that "Freshman Year" is indeed still a work in progress, with plenty of time between now and its 2024 release window. What we do know is that whatever is planned marks the MCU debut of some classic Marvel characters and also features some returning faces.

It was announced at Comic-Con that the show serves as Harry and Norman Osborn's first MCU appearance. Additionally, there's Daredevil, who was confirmed to be voiced by the now-reappointed devil of Hell's Kitchen, Charlie Cox. While the Osborns' inclusion is permissible and could simply confirm Peter met his good buddy Harry before "Captain America: Civil War," Daredevil throws a slightly chronological spanner in the works.

If this is indeed set before the events of Peter's live-action adventures in the MCU, how did he come to cross paths with Daredevil this early? Had he worked with ol' Hornhead previously and just never mentioned it? Or might a "Freshman Year" theory be true, and the show is actually Peter post-"Spider-Man: No Way Home," regaling someone about who he is and how he got his powers? For now, we can sit and stew comfortably, knowing that whatever it is, Spider-Man will return eventually.