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Suits: Who Plays Scottie & Why Is She Familiar To Grey's Anatomy Fans?

As streaming fans continue to discover, and rediscover, the thrilling world of legal eaglery that unfolds over nine seasons of "Suits," they likely continue to marvel at just how many top-notch actors have joined the ensemble as guest stars over the years. And it's easy enough to argue that Abigail Spencer ranks pretty high on any list of the series' most memorable short-term players.

As it was, Spencer had a few more chances to impact the series' narrative than most, with her deliciously shrewd attorney, Dana Scott, making a total of 15 appearances on "Suits" between Seasons 1 and 8. Dana is, of course, better known to the "Suits" fandom as "Scottie," though series diehards know she earns a few more colorful nicknames from the Pearson Specter lot. She maybe makes a point of it earning their ire too, as Pearson Specter is her former firm and is headed by her ex-beau Harvey Specter.

Spencer clearly reveled in Scottie's genius-level, if sometimes devious, maneuvering during her "Suits" appearances. Still, the character's oft-abrasive attitude toward the Pearson Specter crew was no doubt shocking to "Grey's Anatomy" fans used to seeing her play the more kind-hearted Dr. Megan Hunt between the show's 14th and 18th seasons. The younger sister of the show's Dr. Owen Hunt, the former army surgeon makes her way to Seattle after spending 10 years in captivity. And she eventually plays a key role in helping her brother recover after his near-fatal car crash.

Suits and Grey's Anatomy are far from the only hit shows to feature Abigail Spencer

Of course, anyone who's been following the career of Abigail Spencer would surely argue she's one of the more versatile actors in the game these days. And the diversity of roles displayed on her IMDb page might signal that A-list casting directors agree, as "Suits" and "Grey's Anatomy" are far from her only stints on primetime hits.

In fact, Spencer has logged time on some of the biggest shows on television over the past couple of decades, including early roles on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Gilmore Girls," and "Bones." The actor landed what's easily one of the biggest roles of her career in 2009, however, turning up in Season 3 of "Mad Men" as Suzanne Farrell, an idealistic teacher who briefly gets tangled up romantically with Don Draper (Jon Hamm). She followed that with a one-off turn on "Castle," a pair of "How I Met Your Mother" appearances, and six episodes of "True Detective" Season 2. 

Before landing that "True Detective" gig, Spencer also landed the fiery role of Amantha Holden on the grievously underrated drama "Rectify," playing the part for four full seasons. Of late, she's fronted NBC's sci-fi series "Timeless," Hulu's stylish crime drama "Reprisal," and ABC's short-lived Katey Sagal starrer "Rebel." On the big screen, Spencer has appeared in major films like John Favreau's "Cowboys and Aliens," the Reese Witherspoon rom-com "This Means War," Sam Raimi's "Oz the Great and Powerful," and the star-studded ensemble dramedy "This Is Where I Leave You."