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Star Wars Fans Rejoice As Ahsoka Episode 4 Resurrects A Clone Wars Icon

"Star Wars" fans were shocked when "Ahsoka" Episode 4 ended with the return of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, reuniting the future Darth Vader with his former padawan. For years, Ahsoka Tano trained as a Jedi under the future Sith's wing on the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Theirs was perhaps the most significant relationship in the series, and although some fans likely suspected Tano's former master would return, they didn't expect the moment to be so tender.

In particular, fans claimed to be crying tears of joy when the de-aged Skywalker referred to his former pupil by his nickname for her, Snips. As depicted on "The Clone Wars," Anakin originally did not want an apprentice and was initially put off by Ahsoka's attitude. He therefore called her Snips in reference to what he perceived as a snippy, combative attitude. But before long, the two became incredibly close friends, and the nickname morphed into a term of endearment. As u/Significant-Space-14 on Reddit put it, "Hearing Hayden say 'snips' is just wonderful."

Fans get emotional as Anakin uses his loving nickname for Ahsoka

"Ahsoka" is the first direct live-action spin-off of an animated "Star Wars" series and contains callbacks to many characters and plot points from both "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars: Rebels." Considering what a major role the character of Anakin Skywalker had in the former series and that Hayden Christensen had already returned to the franchise on last year's "Obi-Wan Kenobi" alongside Ewan McGregor, his reappearance has fans cheering once again. What they weren't prepared for was that, with a single word, he would harken back to his long history with Ahsoka.

"I geeked out at the world between worlds," wrote u/Nubster2x, "THEN HE SAID THE THING AND I LOST IT." Other reactions were even more emotional, highlighting just how long fans of "The Clone Wars" have been waiting to see the show recognized by a live-action project. Quoting the "Ahsoka" Episode 4 dialogue in which Anakin greets Ahsoka by the name Snips, @giselleb1234 on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, "Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in his the clone wars attire talking to Ahsoka Tano in live action is literally everything to me! I've been waiting years for this moment!"