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Who Is Bretman Rock From The Maybelline Commercial With Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart is no stranger to the ad campaign game, having lent her image and iconic status to Tito's Vodka, Liquid Death, and Sketchers (along with her buddy and fellow commercial regular Snoop Dogg) to name a few. In July, Stewart teamed up with relative newcomer Bretman Rock for Maybelline's new Falsies Surreal Mascara ad campaign. The commercial sees the pair trying out the product amid a lush, fantastical backdrop.

"Working with two icons, Martha Stewart and Maybelline New York, was such a surreal experience, especially because I walked onto set and there were two fluffy chickens on my makeup table," Rock told Women's Wear Daily. "I've always had a passion and interest in opportunities that really think outside of the box, and this campaign checked all these boxes for me. Not to mention that the Falsies Surreal Mascara really takes my lashes to a new dimension."

For plenty of fans, Rock is an icon in his own right. A child of the internet, Rock first rose to prominence as a teenager posting workout videos, makeup tutorials, and comedy routines on Vine and YouTube. His followers skyrocketed, and at age 20 in 2018, Rock earned a spot on Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia. In 2021, he starred on "MTV's Following: Bretman Rock," with the first episode clocking in over 7 million views. As of this writing, Rock has 5.4 million Twitter followers, 18.8 million Instagram followers, and 15.7 million TikTok followers, and his star is continuing to rise.

Bretman Rock is a published author and aspiring actor

Since Bretman Rock first went viral in 2014, he's continued to add more descriptors to his online brand. "Singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, scientist on the motherf–king side, the star of the crystal of the day, and a coconut water connoisseur," he said in his Teen Vogue cover interview in 2021. His accomplishments are also groundbreaking, having been the first openly gay man to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine.

His Maybelline ad is just one of many lucrative deals Rock has signed in the past few years. In 2021, he was named one of the faces of #BeTrue, Nike's annual Pride campaign, and has also had brand partnerships with Michael Kors and Balmain. Such gigs are a far cry from his first job collecting cow dung in Sanchez Mira, a small village in the Philippines where he grew up before emigrating to Hawaii.

Indeed, Rock's resume is bursting at the seams for a 25-year-old, and his life experiences have provided enough fodder to fill the pages of an autobiography titled "You're That B—h & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself."

His Maybelline ad is a stepping stone for future career aspirations that move away from social media stardom and towards fitness and, perhaps one day, acting. "I would love to hopefully get on a bigger screen," he told Vogue Philippines. "Like, I'm tired of being on the phone. I think I'm really going to start taking acting seriously, after this book extravaganza. I'm looking forward to a cute little break where I focus on acting."