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Critical Role: This Bell's Hells Endgame Theory Turns Old Friends Into Gods

"Critical Role" Campaign 3 centers around a band of eccentric adventurers known as Bells Hells, who begin their journey seeking riches and adventure across Wildemount and find themselves instead caught in a battle for the fate of the world.

The overarching storyline of Campaign 3 centers around the schemes of a mage known as Ludinus Da'leth (Matthew Mercer), who plans to release an ancient god-eating entity named Predathos in order to wipe out the entire Pantheon of Exandria. Ludinus' obsessive hatred for the gods fuels this impending massacre, and once all the deities are gone, he plans to usher in a new age ruled by mortals. While Ludinus' plans are still underway in "Critical Role," some fans online have already started to theorize about how Campaign 3 will end, believing that Bells Hells won't be able to save the gods but will instead fill the new pantheon with some familiar faces.

"The party will not be able to prevent Predathos from being freed, nor will they be fighting it directly. It is beyond them," explained u/UndopeMonk on Reddit. "But they can keep Ludinus' ancient ass off of the empty throne they left behind." The user goes on to theorize that Bells Hells will defeat Ludinus and deny him godhood, instead filling the vacant seats in the Exandra pantheon with "Critical Role's" very first party: Vox Machina.

Vox Machina has a long history with the gods

Aside from the delightful fan service that this theory entails, it also makes plenty of sense within the "Critical Role" universe, as every member of the Vox Machina crew has a good deal of history with the divine beings of Exandria.

Not only were they instrumental in defeating Vecna, The Whispered One, after he ascended to godhood, but throughout "Critical Role," we've seen them serve the interests of important deities like Ioun, Pelor, The Raven Queen, and Sarenrae. Suffice it to say, the members of Vox Machina are incredibly important to the deities of Exandria, making them prime candidates to ascend to godhood should any of those deific thrones go vacant.

U/UndopeMonk went on to clarify which members of Vox Machina would take over for which god. The easiest to predict are Pike Trickfoot (Ashley Johnson), who serves as the champion of Sarenrae the Everlight, and Vax'ildan (Liam O'Brien), who serves as the champion of the Raven Queen. Both of these legendary adventurers should have no issue taking over for their respective gods. The Redditor also speculated that Grog Strongjaw (Travis Willingham) would become the god of "War, Rage, Destruction, and Family," asserted that Keyleth (Marisha Ray) is already practically a god in her own right, and that Percival de Rolo (Taliesin Jeffe) would descend to become the lord of Hell. Though U/UndopeMonk was a bit fuzzy on where the other party members would fit into the new pantheon, it's clear that this theory has some real substance behind it and, if accurate, would allow Campaign 3 to come full circle and wrap up the whole "Critical Role" storyline.